A Ripple Under the Bridge of Wishes

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A Ripple Under the Bridge of Wishes

I looked deeply into the Shades of Gray…

The Murals on the side of the Bridge long since faded….

With such evidence would the Judgement of its History stray…??

Would viewers see it’s past as righteous or jaded????

With the view obscured even under the lightly radiant light…

Then standing on the Bridge of Wishes I made this request…

“May all Judgments allow for wrongs to be made right..”

“May all dreamers help each other through each test..”

And I gazed at each level of Green….

At the ripples in the water and deep into it’s Blue….

And a voice whispered “Give what you can to the dream”

“If you drop a stone into the water will its ripples not be true”

Then I knew each dreamer could cause a Ripple, cause a Ripple, a Ripple…Ripple…

by flash333

freespirit dreamseer Philosopher and sometimes Poet