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Once you are familiar with the basic mechanics of Underlight, the following guides can help you learn the finer points of the game. Are you a seasoned player of Underlight? Make sure to keep this information on hand! These guides can benefit both new players and old players alike. View the files, print them out, and keep them nearby as a reference tool.

These guides are available in .PDF form, as-is from Lyra Studios, here: Dreamer's Guide, Teacher's Guide, Role-playing Guide. Please note, if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will be unable to read the .PDF files.

Dreamer's Manual

Creating a Character

Fighting other Players

The Elements of Dreamers

The States of Dreaming

The Rules of Arts

The Nature of Talismans

Teacher's Manual



Place and Time Suggestions

Teacher Pyramids

Mentoring and Ordainment

Personal Gain and Private Agendas

Creativity in Tasking

Role-playing Manual

What is Roleplaying?

Character Creation


Basics Wrapup

Advanced Roleplaying

Advanced Character Development

Roleplaying "Good"

Roleplaying "Neutral"

Roleplaying "Evil"

Tips for Villains

OOC Traps

Cloudsbreak Rules

Sample Character Information Form

Character Information Form

Roleplaying Policy