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Each of The Eight Great Houses has its own specific House Art. A list follows.

These Arts may only be used by crested members of the respective Houses.

The cost is one (1) Power Token (it used to be three) plus 10 DreamSoul.

Each are learnable at Orbit 20

Alliance of the Eclipse

ART NAME: Peace Aura

EFFECT: Grants target invulnerability, however the target is unable to use Arts or Talismans.

Dreamers of Light

ART NAME: Dazzle

EFFECT: Mass-Staggers any non-member in the room as well as does damage.

Gathering of the Entranced

ART NAME: Entrancement

EFFECT: Grants target Regeneration, even when moving.

House Calenture

ART NAME: Poison Cloud

EFFECT: Damages and poisons non-members in the room.

Monastery of the Shadow

ART NAME: Shadow Step

EFFECT: Grants target Invisibility.

Order of the Sable Moon

ART NAME: Sable Shield

EFFECT: Grants target Free Action, Resist Fear, Protection, Vision, and protection from Poison

Protectors of the Radiance

ART NAME: Radiant Blaze

EFFECT: Blinds and damages any non-members in the room.

Union of the Covenant

ART NAME: Break Covenant

EFFECT: Breaks joined parties and does damage to Party leader.

Common House Arts

ART NAME: Ascend to Ruler

EFFECT: Ascends a Guardian to a Ruler.

ART NAME: Corrupt Essence

EFFECT: Transforms a Dreamer Essence into an Essence Node that can then be Drained or placed within a Prime.

ART NAME: Create ID Token

EFFECT: Art used to create a House ID.

ART NAME: Cup Summons

EFFECT: Teleports a target dreamer to the Dreamer's Cup Arena.

ART NAME: Demote

EFFECT: Reduces a dreamer's position within a House.


EFFECT: Transports a collapsed Dreamer from the house facade to Threshold Pits.

ART NAME: House Members

EFFECT: Locates any dreaming house members and tells you who is currently dreaming and the plane they are on.

ART NAME: Initiate (art)

EFFECT: Advances a dreamer to the level of Initiate in a House.

ART NAME: Knight

EFFECT: Advances a House Initiate to Guardian status.

ART NAME: Power Token (art)

EFFECT: Creates a House Power Token that can be used with various arts.


EFFECT: As long as both are in Join Party, the art will return the target back to where the one evoking the art is standing.

ART NAME: Sacrifice

EFFECT: Transforms a Charm or Chakram into an Essence Node that can then be Drained or placed within a Prime.

Note: This was developed in order to provide strength for the house when its members adhered to strict pacifism.

ART NAME: Support Ascension

EFFECT: Supports the ascension of a Guardian to Ruler status.

ART NAME: Support Demotion

EFFECT: Provides support for the demotion of a House member.