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Tables originally posted on Dranak's Underlight site found here:

Each talisman has two colors. For chakrams, elemens, and charms the first of the two colors denotes which focus may use that talisman.


There are two elements of a shield. The first color denotes absorption and the second denotes the durability.

  • The absorption is the percentage of damage in a hit which the shield will absorb.
  • The durability is the number of hit points the shield will absorb before shattering.
  • The Soulmaster art of Reweave can repair a damaged shield.


    Color Absorption Durability
    Chalk 2-4% 10-13
    Blood 5-9% 14-17
    Fire 10-14% 18-23
    Gold 15-19% 24-29
    Jade 20-24% 30-35
    Teal 25-29% 36-40
    Cyan 30-35% 41-45
    Night 36-40% 46-51
    Azure 41-45% 51-59
    Plum 46-50% 56-60
    Berry 51-55% 61-65
    Sand 56-60% 66-70
    Beige 61-65% 71-78
    Tan 66-70% 79-85
    Earth 71-74% 86-92
    Abyss 75% 93-99



    These are your projectile weapons. The first color denotes which focus may use the item, and provides a general guideline to the strength and requirements of the chakram. Higher colors (Gold, Azure, Sand and Abyss) generally suggest a more powerful chakram that requires high levels in the focus arts.

    The second color shows whether it has a secondary effect or not. If the second color is chalk there is no secondary effect. These are listed below. This talisman is superior to the focus flame arts because of the possibility of secondary effects and the lack of any evoke time, meaning they may be used on the move.

    Only Chakrams of Gold, Night, Sand, and Abyss can have a second effect. They are noted below by an asterisk (*) and the 2nd colors with corresponding effects are listed below.



    Focus Color Effect
    Gatekeeper Blood
    Gold *
    Dreamseer Teal
    Night *
    Soulmaster Plum
    Sand *
    Fatesender Tan
    Abyss *



    2nd Color Effect
    Chalk none
    Night Deafen
    Azure Stagger
    Plum Scare
    Berry Poison
    Sand Curse
    Beige Blind
    Tan Paralyze
    Earth Bleed



    These items will regenerate your stat points. However, they may also be cursed and do the opposite of what you expect. You can discover, and avoid using, a cursed item by first evoking the Insight art of Identify.



    Stat 1st Color
    Dreamsoul Chalk
    Willpower Jade
    Insight Azure
    Resilience Berry
    Lucidity Tan



    An alteror grants the user the effect of a particular art, determined by the second color. The first color determines the duration of the effect, according to the color wheel (see the section on shields).



    2nd Color Effect
    Blood Vision
    Fire Resist Fear
    Gold Protection
    Jade Free Action
    Teal Chamele



    Charms serve a similar purpose to alterors, but launch a ball of flame (similar to chakrams) which bestows the effect upon others. The flame deals no damage.

    In the same way as alterors, the second color of charms determines the effect that will be granted (see the section on alterors for the effects). The first color in this case determines the focus that is required to use the charm. All charms require only a level of 0 in the focus arts.



    1st Color Focus
    Chalk Gatekeeper
    Jade Dreamseer
    Azure Soulmaster
    Beige Fatesender