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This is my first wiki. Please let me know what changes you make to it so I can figure out what to do differently next time. Of course, all the information has been copy/pasted from but I referenced it at the bottom. If you don't want duplicate information here, I understand. If anything, it is helping me get used to the wiki format so that future page creations won't take so long.

Hey Elissa, As long as you make references, I don't mind. I imagine over time people will add to it. Also, don't be surprised if I move things around. I'll be constantly redesigning the categories to make things easier for visitors to find. Thanks for helping out too btw. I hope the wiki editing picks up. Oh and try to remember that anything with a "Category:" in front of it, will most likely be a section of other sub categories. You kinda gota the idea under "Category:Foci", but for "Category:Dreamers Guide" I had to fix it up a bit. But it is alright! because we are all learning, including my self =) -DiscoWay

Awesome! I was trying to figure out how to make a subset page like that and figured that someone more familiar with the mechanics could come behind and clean up some of the formatting mistakes. So... how do you make a subset page? I can edit pre-existing pages but I can't figure out how to create a blank one so I can apply it to a category.

Elissa, i hope this helps, i updated the Article Creation Guide to try and explain some of this. It is a little weak at explaining something, so if you still have questions, lemme know here, and ill just keep improving the creation guide. - DiscoWay