Conclave of the Elders

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Near the end of the Year of Revelations the Dreamseer teacher Ayesh announced that he would grant Frylia second sphere for her contributions to the dream. This gave rise to great argument about possible violation of old teaching oaths. Arising one evening during a debate, Balthiir announced that there would be a new teaching Oath in the Dream City. He turned to Frylia, stating: "We are slow and ponderous in our movements, but we have for some time observed the proceedings of the Teachers of the City. Their errors, their meanderings from the path, and their exceptional efforts and triumphs. We are of diverse views and opinions, and some of us have not always been on such cordial terms, so it is often long before we come to agreement, let alone unity of any sort. But we will act now." Frylia and Starfall were the first to take the new Teaching Oath.

It became known that there was a Conclave of the Elders overseeing the City. How long they had existed, or from whence the Conclave came was shrouded in mystery.