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Luinitari slowly sits down in a leather chair which appears beneath him and takes out a wooden block and a small knife.

Kyrie: "What are you making Luinitari?"

Luinitari: "I don't try to make something per say. I more... carve..."

Kyrie looks on with interest.

Luinitari: "and the wood takes form."

Kyrie nods.

Luinitari slowly whittles away at the block.

Luinitari carves two inter-crossing lines down the face of the block.

Luinitari carves away both sides starting from the lines on his block.

Luinitari takes out a smaller tool from his pouch and begins to carve channels into the wood's base and sides.

Luinitari looks down at the block, and takes a scoop tool from his pouch.

Luinitari takes two large scoops from the sides of the wood block making indentations in the wood.

Luinitari puts that back in the pouch and removes a fine tipped blade.

Kyrie watches the wood take form.

Luinitari takes the block and carefully cuts out small chips on the face, and then proceeds to make slices along the outcroppings.

Luinitari sets the block down on a table which appears and looks at the piece.

Luinitari sees a small piece of wood with the top shaved down to a square column, on the base it rounds out to, two larger outcroppings which then form into the base.

Luinitari sighs and takes it in his hands.

Luinitari reaches into his pouch and pulls out a punch awl.

Luinitari makes a series of 5 consecutive holes down the square column, then takes a leveler and reduces the edges to a smooth patena.

Luinitari looks at the wood and a small smile reaches his face Luinitari takes a piece of coarse sand paper from his pouch and begins to work on the outcroppings.

Luinitari sands them, thinner, and thinner, until they are .5 cm thick.

Luinitari stops and cleans off the desk, placing the tools in his pouch.

Luinitari flips the wood over and inspects the bottom. Luinitari pulls out a small hand saw and in a circular motion cuts out the bottom of the item, making a 2' circle that is thin.

Luinitari takes a scoop tool from his pouch, much like an ice cream scoop.

Luinitari begins to slowly and carefully work away the inside of the item until it is completely hollow.

Luinitari wipes a bead of sweat from his brow and looks at his work.

Luinitari sees a rounded column at the top with 5 holes going down it.

Luinitari sees two handles .5 cm in width that branch out from the sides and then connect and merge into the base.

Luinitari sees a large bulbous center, in between the handles which has just been hollowed out.

Luinitari places the scoop in his back and takes out a long thin hand drill.

Luinitari places it on the top of the column and with expert skill and finesse slowly bores into the column until he reaches the cavern of the body.

Luinitari wraps some fine sand paper along the drill and sands carefully the inside of the cylinder.

Luinitari flips the wood over again and looks at it carefully Luinitari smiles and gestures to the side of the table, in which a bowl of sand appears on top which sits 5 opals.

Luinitari takes the opals in his hand and slowly crushes them making a fine powder.

Luinitari places them on top of the lid remnants, and then conjures a small blast fire which fuses the opal to the lid in a perfect circular shape. Luinitari works the lid onto the bottom of the instrument and seals it shut with fire.

Luinitari then takes a smaller and finer version of the drill bit and places it in his hands.

Luinitari places the tools in his pouch and cleans off the table pausing to take a sip of water.

Ganon watches a crowd gather to see what Luin's making :)

Luinitari places the object on the table and looks at it.

Luinitari sees a wooden object, with a round column at the top with 5 holes on it, which goes down to a large carved area, on the sides are two thin outcroppings and the base is forged opal.

Luinitari takes out a small wire from the pouch and two sticks.

Luinitari attaches the wire to the sticks and takes one in each hand.

Luinitari drags it so slowly between the junction of the outcroppings and the base separating the two with an small break.

Luinitari places the item back in his pack and smiles contentedly.

Luinitari gestures to the table and two items appear.

Luinitari sees a small bowl filled with amethyst dust and another filled with a oily looking liquid.

Luinitari places his hand over the dust and softly mutters a few words that are beyond your comprehension.

Luinitari dips his hand into the liquid and you see his hands glow a strange rainbow luminescent.

Luinitari picks up the item in his hands and mutters another word.

Luinitari sees the liquid flow from his hands to cover the item and give it a night black finish, but yet the wood grain still shows through in an airy form.

Luinitari next takes the dust in one hand and sprinkles it lightly over the two outcroppings.

Luinitari smiles as they both take on the color of the gemstone and sparkle in the light.

Luinitari gestures and the table is bare, except for the object you see in-front of you.

Luinitari: "What I created... "

Luinitari takes the item which seems light to the touch into his hands, describes the item.

Luinitari: "It is 12 inches in length... its base form is 4 inches are the 5 holes down the circular column, then from that junction point the two outcroppings flair out, and the base continues to grow larger and to the bottom"

"The bottom was sealed with opal, and the outcroppings seared with amethyst."

"the whole thing shimmers with a black sheen, yet it seems sacred in a way. A hole or chamber seems to run from the very top end... all the way through the object down to the 25 small holes in the base. It is actually a present...

What it is, is an image I had in my head while carving. I had a picture of a wedding, beautiful beyond belief that needed, something... perfect... to symbolize unity, yet beauty; eternal love, yet sacrifice; the object is in truth, a musical instrument. The 5 holes, tune holes to control pitch, and the 25 holes at the base, to allow a myriad of notes to come through; in effect, a complex flute."

"The out cropping are for the wedding itself. Each symbolizes the idea of a soul mate: just as one soul, is one concept, so is the flute with the marriage. Each person breaks off a side of the flute, much in a way of a wedding ring, yet the outcropping, is in truth....part of themselves and part of the melody that was the reason for their thinness, to break them off symbolically, yet to also not damage the instruments design."

"The instrument however, only plays once. It is for the wedding, and then is either given to the bard, or donated to the family."

Luinitari looks at the small musical instrument and smiles softly.

Luinitari: "I know not. The wood speaks. It is as if I am not carving more letting what is in the wood come out."

Luinitari sighs and carefully places the item in his pack.

Luinitari: Thanks for watching an old man work :)

by Luinitari