Entropy Coalition

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Not all the Master Dreamwrights were pleased with the coming of Dreamstrike, and in fact many were angered by it. A group of them, the Entropy Coalition, secluded themselves and began exploring ways to counter this new and terrible power. They turned to the deep chaos outside the city walls for their answer. They believed they could find a way to pull the raw energy of the chaos into Underlight and turn it against the Dreamstrike Masters. But their attempts to bring that energy inside the city would have disastrous results.

The chaotic forces outside had intensified since the city's creation... the pressure of the raw essence swirling against the city walls had only increased. As the Entropy Coalition furthered their efforts to breach into the deep chaos, they unknowingly weakened the walls of the city, the barrier holding back the chaos. Small rips and breaks began forming in the walls, just big enough to permit creatures of chaos to enter the city: Nightmares.