Entry 18 - Renewal of Oath

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We mourn the assassination of Centurion Dosoman, slain by treachery while defending this Realm. But the beasts of chaos press closer and closer to the gates of our Home. The Realm calls for her protectors.

I have taken up the mantle of Centurion for the Realm Watch. With unwavering resolve, the Watch reaffirms its oath to Underlight. The Idoaclesians and the children of Underlight will protect this Realm against any dangers which threaten it. I am a daughter of Underlight. I fell once in her defense and I will fall again if I must. This is our shared home and we must fight together, united under a banner of understanding and hope.

Zaxon, my love, you may not believe me but I do not desire to fight you on the fields of battle. However, I will protect those under my charge by whatever means I must. (use to do so.) You choose to forsake me but I will not forsake our City. I beg you to help us protect our City, the home you and I, allied with Zun'rok, fought for so many dreams ago.

Our Yissen Mistress has divined the traitor who gave you the Mace of Castigation. He has confessed and has been tried for his crimes. His fate is known only to Talberon and the Elders. The Idoaclesians will seek justice against you next. If you surrender to them for your part in the assassination of Dosoman, I will stand by you. If you choose to not take responsibility, I will bring you to them, my love. Please do not force me to drag you before the Idoaclesian Council.

Second Centurion of the Realm Watch