Entry 32 - Apathy's Touch

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Whom it may concern,

I respect the courage of the Valorites and their sacrifice they are willing to make for their home. I may even respect your intentions of assisting them in their fight. However, I will not stand side by side with murderers and curs in some pseudo-noble act. I marvel at the depths of your ignorance for contemplating such a thought. We will not entertain any alliance with sympathizers of soul torturers. Let their city fall in a burning thought. Let their memory fade like writings in the sand at high tide. It serves them right for thinking an alliance with the Kadatorii and the Arretians would yield positive results.

Xun’rok. When will you learn that you cannot save everyone you come across? You could not even save your mentor when he needed you most. The old man held so much power and yet he squandered it by making you his apprentice, his eventual successor in failure. Falinor must be so proud of you as you are reduced to fighting along mongrels and charlatans.

May you all perish in Valora. Each and every one of you.

Zaxun, General of the Illuminated Vanguard