Lions of Opposition

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This mural can represent many things. One particular piece of interesting information is where they are located. For example, in most cases you will not find the Lions and the Hands close to each other. Much of the time they are located as far away from each other as possible. Everything that the Hands represent, the Lions contradict. It is depicted as a still-frame, moments before they clash together. Notice the expressions, showing a lack of any motive for a peaceful solution, possibly representing the wars behind us and those yet to come. Also a warning that while we are humans while at peace and content, we can also become savage animals when angered. They are often hung in places where you can harm others or are expected to do combat. If you will notice, in one particular exception of being away from the Hands, the Lions are located at the exit to the Bogrom's Lair. There are also Hands located in the center of the Bogrom's Lair. The Hands signify that this is usually the first area where newly-awakened of all types (Freespirit or of Houses) have to use teamwork and a spirit of comradeship to defeat the first opposition that requires it, the Bogrom.


The Lions hung at the exit may remind us that it is too easy to forget our teamwork and cooperation once it is no longer required (once we leave) and what can happen if we forget to take this newly found cooperation with us. The Lions can truly represent almost anything ... Dreamer against Nightmares, Freesoul vs. Illuminate, Good vs. Evil ... but more importantly, it represents opposition. If you will notice the two Lions are EXACTLY alike, equal in power, and equal in form. While it could be a still-frame before they clash, we never actually see them clash. They never battle for if they did they would destroy one another. And then there would be no Lions at all. They are glaring at each other rather than actually fighting, it could also represent an inner struggle. We are all the same ... all Dreamers. But we continue to oppose one another with petty differences that are less important than the truly important things. These differences causing opposition are indeed petty, which is why those differences are not shown on the mural. Only the important things are shown. Since only the important things should matter, it may actually be showing the sadness of even such enlightened beings, ourselves, finding something to fight over that really shouldn't matter at all, for we are truly fighting our reflection since we are all alike. We just can't see this through our Rage (depicted on the Lion's faces) sometimes, and that is why we will still fight even when it should be obvious that we are only hurting ourselves.