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A sanctuary is a place of rest and recuperation. It provides several effects beneficial to dreamers.

  • Upon entering a sanctuary, soulspheres are restored to coherence.
  • No hostile actions may be undertaken within a sanctuary. This includes the swinging of a blade and the evoking of hostile arts such as Push and Flame.
  • In general, any mare that enters a sanctuary will be damaged continuously until they either leave, or collapse.


Sanctuaries serve as resting places for dreamers, particularly when nightmares are around. Since the mares will not enter, it gives the dreamers a place to escape to, recover in, or to organise attacks.

When a group of dreamers holds an organised gathering, and house restrictions are not in place, sanctuaries are often used. This provides the participants with protection from surprise attacks, and can also serve as a mediation ground for more serious discussions.