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A soulsphere is the form a dreamer takes when their avatar collapses, and exists as a swirling mass of energy around a glowing orb. This phenomenon occurs primarily when the DreamSoul levels in the avatar reach zero. While in soulsphere form, a dreamer cannot evoke arts or perform emotes, but can move freely. The transition to soulsphere is accompanied by a 1% loss in XP (from the total gained since character creation).

A dreamer may have his avatar returned to normal by either entering a sanctuary, or by having Restore cast on him.


A soulsphere is usually safe from harm, however:

  • The XP loss will cause a dreamer to drop orbits (and spheres) if their current XP is low enough. Teachers will normally require a second sphere task, in order to grant the lost sphere.
  • If a dreamer wakes while in a soulsphere form, they will lose a significant portion of XP.
  • Several arts can be cast on soulspheres that may be detrimental, most notably Dreamstrike and Drain Self.