Temple of Abundant Soul

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After a rather long journey thru the Basin of Stars, you'll come across the House Temple of Abundant Soul.


Underlight - Current Beliefs


House Facts

The Chosen are a faction of dreamers within Underlight that worship an entity known as Bashir, or "The Great One". They work to bring about the Second Awakening of Bashir through the Four Pillars of Truth: Growth, Conflict, Sacrifice, and Discipline. In many respects, the faction is a continuation of the Cult of Bashir from Idoaclesia.

The Stone Tablet: The Chosen are governed by, and only by, The Stone Tablet. All matters not specifically governed by The Stone Tablet are jurisdiction of the Red Council. All matters not specifically governed by the Red Council are left to individual Chosen.

None may amend the The Stone Tablet.

  • The Chosen shall zealously collect essence to hasten the Second Awakening.
  • Draining essence in a prime sanctified in the blood of the Chosen will hasten the Second Awakening.
  • Personal Draining of essence is encouraged as sacrament for the Faithful to gain Oneness with the Great One.
  • The Chosen are encouraged to seek out personal growth, become capable & accomplished dreamers, and fulfill civic duties including teaching, mentoring, and participating in general city life.
  • Disagreements between Chosen are to be adjudicated by the Red Council. Trial by combat is permitted.
  • Darkmares are enemy, not ally.
  • Once a Chosen has taken the vows and given the blood, they are forever bound to the Great One. Returning Chosen must pass a test of loyalty, administered by the First Chosen.
  • The Chosen kneel only to the Great One.
  • An oath bound in blood must be fulfilled. An oath without blood is nothing.
  • Do what must be done to preserve the Chosen.

4 Pillars of Truth: Growth, Conflict, Sacrifice, Discipline

On Worship: The Chosen worship Growth, Conflict, Sacrifice, and Discipline. We believe the dream is a holy place, and that the Great One (Bashir, the Abundant Soul) is a divine being. The Chosen know that as we grow in power, so too does the Great One (Spiritually and physically). The Chosen seek to bring about the "Second Awakening" of the Great One. The Great One slumbers deep within his eternal prison in the Palisade.

On Souls: Souls are divine in nature and the Dream is a realm of the divine, where we are privileged to tread. Dreamers are imperfect vessels and are must strive toward perfection through self mastery.

On Nightmares: The Nightmares are the Shards of the Great One's shattered avatar. This is a blessing of growth for the Dreamers of Underlight. The city was in chaos and turmoil before the Shattering - The Great One’s Gift thus ensured that the Dreamers might grow strong through Him, and the city benefits from His power every dream.

On Essence: By draining essence, we grow ever closer to His manifest return to the Dream.

On Darkmares: Darkmares are chaos, the antithesis of order. They are dark mirrors of Dreamer kind, but unlike us. They are manifested as challenges to be overcome, and are not to be trusted, nor allied with. Darkmares often refer to The Great One as "Eovoc Maxtra Maxtra" - Big Big Dreamer, or something similar.

The Blood Throne: This is the metaphysical space in the pantheon which the Great One embodies. Until the Second Awakening, the Blood Throne sits empty. Striving "for the Blood Throne" is a faithful's individual mission to unite with the Great One in spirit and body, by embodying his virtues. This is a quest for enlightenment, but could be made manifest by a literal binding with the Great One.

On Organization: Red Council: Chosen Rulers & Guardians First Chosen: Advisor to the Red Council & supreme authority on matters of faith

The First Chosen]is spiritually bound to the Great One. He is obligated to pass on his knowledge and wisdom to grow the next generation. The First Chosen is the supreme authority on all matters of faith, until death. Upon the death of the First Chosen, the Red Council will select a new First Chosen. The First shall never be the Last.

The Red Council rules on matters of governance not explicitly covered by the Stone Tablet.

Initiation Rite:

The Seeker speaks the First Truths, culminating in the offering of blood. The seeker must self-collapse, or be collapsed by the initiating Priest, who in turn offers the seeker coherence. Upon the seeker’s return to coherence, they are Chosen, bound by blood.

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House Roster

Advisors: Ra'as

Rulers: Sirus Nesto

Guardians: Ceuro, Magnilia

Initiates: Varik, Zilly, Relib, Tyren