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The Way of the Dream

Codex 1

  • The Dream dreamed is not the Dream.
  • The Avatar named is not the Avatar.

  • The Unknown bounds the Dream and the Waking.
  • The Named is mother of the Dreamed.

  • Freed from desire you experience the Art.
  • Caught in desire you see the evocation.

  • Yet Art and evocation rise from the same source.
  • This source is called the Chaos.

  • Chaos born from Chaos, the Portal to all understanding.

Codex 2

  • Beauty begets ugliness.
  • Good creates evil.
  • Coherence produces incoherence.
  • Difficult supports ease.
  • Long defines short.
  • High depends on low.
  • After follows before.

  • Therefore the Adept acts without action, teaching without speech.
  • Things arise and she lets them, they vanish and she releases them.

  • Having without possessing, she acts without expecting.
  • When her work is done, she forgets it; thus it lasts forever.

Codex 3

  • Overesteem rulers and the people become powerless.
  • Overvalue talismen and the people will steal.

  • The Adept leads by emptying minds, filling bellies, weakening ambition, toughening resolve.
  • He promotes simplicity and freedom from desire, creating confusion in those knowing and acting.

  • Practice inaction and all will fall into place.

Codex 4

  • The Dream is a well; ever used, never emptied.
  • Infinite, it is the Source of all:
    • dulling will,
    • blinding insight,
    • quenching lucidity,
    • scattering resilience.
  • Chameled, always present;
  • Dreamsmiths unknown; older than god.

Codex 5

  • The Dream is impartial, giving birth to good and evil.
  • The Adept takes no side, welcoming sinners and saints.

  • The Dream is like a bellows, empty yet infinitely productive.

  • The more spoken, the less comprehended.
  • Hold to the Balance.

Codex 6

  • The Dream is the great mother,
    • empty yet infinitely creative,
    • giving birth to the limitless saga.

  • Unseen, everpresent, use it effortlessly.

Codex 7

  • The Dream is infinite and eternal.
  • Why?
    • Never born, it is undying;
    • Desireless, thus present for all.

  • The Adept places herself last and finds herself before all.
  • Detatched from all, she becomes one with all things.
  • Let go of herself, she is perfectly fulfilled.

Codex 8

  • Good is like water, nourishing all without rivaling.
  • Content in low places disdained,
    • Thus is the Dream.

  • In dwelling, live suitably.
  • In thinking, consider deeply.
  • In conflict, be generous.
  • In ruling, bring order.
  • In working, act ablely.
  • In action, mind your timing.

  • Content in yourself, bring no contention.

Codex 9

  • Evoke your blade too much and you will be filled.
  • Reweave your shield too often and it will be destroyed.
  • Chase font and talisman and your genning will never cease.
  • Value approval and acclaim and you will be trapped in expectation.

  • Do your work and step back.
  • This is the Way to Dream.