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The Greatest Wonders of the Unsphered Dream

Description Room Name Plane Picture Picture
=============== =============== =============== ==================== ====================
The Art of Flight Umbric Plains Exit Lost Caves Flying1.jpg Flying2.jpg
Hidden Vault and Lab Cache Lost Caves LCVault1.jpg LCLab1.jpg
"Golden Art" Sanctuary Sanctuary Lower Umbric Plains Umsanc1.jpg Umsanc2.jpg
Umbric Sewer Passage The South Sewer Lower Umbric Plains Umsewer1.jpg Umsewer2.jpg
Dual Tiered Rooms {Various} West Valley of Totality Votdual1.jpg Votdual2.jpg
Evernight "Eye" Sanctuary Sanctuary Evernight Plateau Evsanc1.jpg
Evernight Hidden Vault Cache Evernight Plateau Evvault1.jpg
Over the Evernight Falls The Falls Evernight Plateau Evfalls1.jpg
Perseverance of Fallen Dreams Ladybug's Perseverance Trinity Plains Tripers1.jpg Tripers2.jpg
Lambent Sanctuary Sanctuary Lower Lambent Flats Lasanc1.jpg Lasanc2.jpg
Eye of Bashir and Hidden Lake Exit Lake of Tears Edgeward Barrows Edeye1.jpg
Sala Erosa's Anvil Ring of Passage Edgeward Barrows Edanvil1.jpg Edanvil2.jpg
Illapse Hidden Vault Cache Mt. Illapse Ilvault1.jpg
Behind the Waterfall Pond of Reflection Upper Basin of Stars Bawater1.jpg
WishBringer's 'Throne-room' Middle Basin Middle Basin of Stars Baice1.jpg Baice2.jpg
Basin Forgetful Falls Forgetful Falls Lower Basin of Stars Bafalls1-01.jpg Bafalls2.jpg
Basin "Cat and Mouse" Temple Cholok's Temple Lower Basin of Stars Umtemple1.jpg Umtemple2.jpg
Spike or Tentacle through floor The Corrupted Way Threshold Pits Pispike1.jpg
Trinity Brothers Mural The Jagged Steps Threshold Pits Pi3head1.jpg
Ceremonial Altar Ceremonial Hall Threshold Caves Cacerem1.jpg

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