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Creation of the Lyceum as witnessed by Blodeuwedd

On the 12th day of the 11th month of the 9th year, Anubeion called a meeting for all those interested in creating a “Library of Dreams”. He hoped to form a group with “a commitment to bringing creativity to the dream, a group that emphasizes responsibility in communication”. Blodeuwedd aka Duchess and Varwyn had both attempted meetings of this sort in the past. This meeting was the beginning of what has become called the Lyceum and the Wordsmiths. The main issue addressed at this meeting was how new members would be brought into the group. One of the main points brought up was the necessity of the art of Inscribe which would sadly limit membership to those of the second sphere. It was decided that house, sphere or focus would not have any bearing on membership and that the submissions did not need to be Inscribed by the author. A panel would evaluate the submissions and decide if membership would be offered to the candidate. To avoid personal bias from those on the panel, it was suggested that the submissions be made anonymously. Discussion about the panel followed.

Anubeion stated that he would prefer a rotating panel, if at all possible, made up of accepted authors. The issue of being volunteered for what Dimitri Raith referred to as a “thankless job” became the focus of the topic of the panel. This issue was not resolved and was tabled for the next meeting. Creativity was then unleashed as Anubeion asked for name suggestions for the “guild”. The suggestions were as follows: The Council of Scrolls, The Book Worms, Knowledge Keepers, Keepers of Knowledge, Librarians, Dust Inhalers, Scribble Squad, Dust Beasties, Keepers of the Dusty Tome, Guardians of the Word, Wordwrights, Weavers of the Word, The Noble Erudite Reading Dreamers, Dreamer Squad, Gathering Everything Entertaining Kindly, Guardians of Truth, Teachers of the Scrolls of Knowledge.

Anubeion concluded the meeting with the following “Do we have serious objections to an overall framework for the group as far as accepting new authors and overall purpose? Overall, a main purpose being to populate the Dream Library with useful and interesting literature of all types and new authors' work being presented by another dreamer for anonymity and being evaluated by a panel of current members? Current members being allowed a less stringent requirement for additional works, although, honestly, I'd prefer at least a peer review rule. Any comment, discussion or objections to this framework?” Another meeting was scheduled for the following week.

WordSmith Mark.png

What is the Lyceum and the Mark of the Wordsmith?

written by Blodeuwedd

The Mark of the Wordsmith, a member of the Lyceum, is the color of a clear sunny sky, to remind us that the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity both within ourselves and the City. Those that wear the Mark have been recognized by the City and its citizens for their support and contributions to the creativity of the City, be it through poetry, song, story, dance or history. This is not to mean that we have more or better creativity than others, merely that we feel the need to share our creativity and encourage others do to so as well. Each member of the Lyceum has a role that they fulfill within the group. Some hold events, others seek out stories, while others share their art with any and all who will listen.

I like to think that we are lovers of the written word. We seek it in all its forms and aspire to add to it. One who loves the written word and does no hold the Mark, is not less than one who does. The Mark does not intend to hold some creations over others, but to provide visible support for those that should need it. There is no limit to how many can hold the Mark, as there is no limit to how many can share their writings. Any citizen of the City can hold the Mark of a Wordsmith, no matter their focus, sphere or affiliation.

I have tried to place words that describe what the Lyceum is by using the letters of the word itself. L is for Love of the written word. Y is for the Yarns we tell. C is for the Creativity we share and inspire. E is for the Eclectic nature of our talents. U is for the Unique within all of us. M is for the Memory we share and create.

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