Banish Mare

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Art Statistics

Focus: Resilience
Cost: 5
Orbit Required: 15
Affected: Mare Essence
Duration: Immediate


Converts the targetted mare essence into a banishment token.

Plateau Effect

Art Research

The SoulMaster has an essence in hand. He evokes Banish Mare on the essence, and the essence is promptly thrown beyond the City Walls, out into the Chaos (or some believe out of the Dreamstate entirely. What is left behind after evoking this art is a token. When the Nightmare is banished, it has no strength because the Avatar is outside the City walls, not in the token.

The Banished Nightmare has 1 function and 1 charge

Function #1: Essence - Essence Type: Emphant ; Strength : 0;

Research by Minuette


Art History

The art of Banish Mare was created by a very powerful SoulMaster, his name was Ri'ach. Ri'ach was a ruler of The Protectors of the Radiance, but was snatched from the dream on the day of The The Great Loss and along with him, the secret to allowing a SoulMaster the ability to hold the art of Banish Mare without the aid of an item to use it. For it was indeed Ri'ach that created the art as well as being the holder of The Banishment Scroll that unlocked the ability for a dreamer to learn the art.

With Ri'ach gone, so too was the art of Banish Mare from the dream. Since the re-opening of The Protectors of the Radiance, Ri'ach had watched closely from above within The Overlight, where he rested. Ri'ach watched the house he once knew as his home re-build itself. However, a danger grew near for the house, The Soul of Radiance, though growing slowly in essence count was not strong enough to survive the elements of the dream. Ri'ach grew nervous, and worried frantically within The Overlight for his house he loved so much.

The Soul of Radiance was nearing twenty five thousand essences banished within it, but it was far from strong enough to last within the dream. A dreamer by the name of Elektra, daughter of the late Ellie, joined the house of Radiance around this time. She was the first dreamer in the dream to hold the art of Trap Mare, and she made it her personal crusade to strengthen the Soul of Radiance with using this art to strengthen the essence of many Nightmares before their banishment into the house artifact.

It was with this crusade, that Ri'ach looked to Elektra for help as he re-entered the dream from The Overlight. Ri'ach told Elektra of the vision he saw for The Soul of Radiance and the house he once called his own. He knew that if the house artifact did not get strong enough within the next few months, the Soul of Radiance would be destroyed and with it, all hope for The Protectors of Radiance and their crusade against the Nightmares.

Ri'ach made her aware that if the house couldn't reach fifty thousand essences banished within it and a strength over fifty one thousand, The Soul of Radiance would be destroyed. It was this danger that made Elektra commit to being banished into The Soul of Radiance, as Ri'ach stated to her that this was the other way to save the house artifact. Ri'ach stated "Very well then Elektra, for now with this wisdom I have gained, I know The Soul will be saved either way.

But, let it be known that your agreement may destroy your Soul instead, and I can not allow you to back out of this. For as it is said, so shall it be done." Elektra told the house of it's plight as well as hers if this goal is not met. It was with a great commitment that the members in the house started hunting for Nightmares more, teachers started tasking for essences more, and rulers started the promotion of essence gathering. Within weeks, The Soul of Radiance reached forty thousand essences, it was then that Ri'ach returned to the dream once again, to remind Elektra that there were only eleven days left.

Ri'ach then handed to her The Banishment Scroll, and told her to guard it with her avatar and all her abilities for he would be back for it, as it was his prize possession. It was explained to Elektra that his scroll held a secret, but could only be read and understood by a SoulMaster equal to himself, more powerful then Elektra was. It was decided that this SoulMaster was indeed Tybarian's Soul, Ruler of The Protectors of the Radiance. So this scroll was to be given to him to read, and in return for Elektra's help in trying to reach this goal, she would be granted the art, being the first normal dreamer in the dream to know the art of Banish Mare. It was if they did not reach this goal that Elektra was to use the art on herself. It was from this day on that Elektra grew weaker, as the marked day grew near.

It was from this day on that Elektra started to worry. As the day grew near Elektra started giving her prized possessions away to her friends in the house for a remembrance of her encase the goal was not met and she was banished into the house artifact to save it. It is believed that this act in turn pushed The Protectors of the house harder! To not see Elektra banished from the dream, but for her to remain by their sides to fight the crusade. It was on the day of her wedding to Praxis, DreamSeer of Protectors of the Radiance that the house reached it's goal of fifty thousand essences banished into The Soul of Radiance and over fifty one thousand strength. It was a few days before the deadline that was set by Ri'ach's vision.

It was a glorious day for The [[Protectors of the Radiance] as well as Elektra and Praxis. Later that evening, the scroll was given to Tybarian's Soul and with it's reading the art was passed onto Elektra, marking her as the first in the dream to hold the art. Ri'ach returned for his scroll, and smiled at Elektra, and let out a sigh of relief for her as well as his beloved house. For it was their never ending quest and love of the Crusade that indeed made them all Protectors of the Radiance.

Researched by Raven Lunatic



art is also known as Banish Nightmare