Entry 9 - Decree Revisited

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You defended the Idoaclesian rabble with your swords, chakrams and shields and now they have turned against you! You protected them under your precious banner of freedom but they have shown their true colors! It is not too late to redeem yourself, Xun’rok. We will take out this rabble.

You can stand aside and allow us to protect this city as its true defenders or we WILL cut you down alongside your collaborators. Talberon will fall. Their scholars will fall. Their warriors will fall. Their crazed zealots will fall.

The entire Idoaclesian population will fall, Xun’rok. And finally, the Freesouls will fall or become illuminated by the ideals of our Vanguard by accepting our truths as absolute. The line in the sand has been drawn.

Cross at your own peril.

General of the Illuminated Vanguard