Gathering of the Entrance Re-opened

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A hint of doubt circled after it was learned that Saggitar had reopened the Union of the Covenent, but members of the Entranced persisted onwards. At midnight on All Hallows Eve they recovered Brosh, reenacting the summoning ritual involving the five pillars. Lady Brosh appeared at its conclusion, wearing the guardian emblem of the Entranced, and later knighted the first rulers of the house, Tone, Breyd, and Liondra. The doors were opened once again.

Mi'raj confronted his followers and scorned them for their disunity and would vanish in a rage. Opening a tome on the exact spot of his summoning, Mi'raj was said to transform himself into a Dark Mare, attacking all present, before disappearing into the deep chaos. The question remains: which of the three were True Pretenders?