Alliance of the Eclipse

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At the far end of the Flats resides the House of the Alliance.

The Alliance is an OpenSoul house in which they put no personal weight in the beliefs of their members. They believe all dreamers and mares alike have a right to dream. They are a peaceful house and do not attack dreamers or mares with arts that causes damage to their DreamSouls. They use non-violence arts for their defense.

The Alliance's Seneschal*, Calcum has created an art that transforms a talisman into a kind of essence token called "the Node". This is how they strengthen their Prime Artifact.

They request that dreamers do not fight or hunt on their lands.

  • Seneschal - A dreamer who times before the Great Loss who become an advisor to the house with the ability to initiate or demote dreamers. They main function is said to be to restore the houses to their proper beliefs and so on.


Additonal Information/History:

Written by: Null

The Alliance was founded by a group of astronomers who wished to study the sky undisturbed by the politics and conflicts of the rest of the dream. The astronomers were illuminated though, and when the Dreamer Wars began, their brothers in the Illuminated Front demanded their aid, for many of the astronomers were high in sphere, and their research had yielded powerful arts.

Not wishing to halt their research, the astronomers started a new branch of the house, the Knights of the Star. They recruited the best warriors from among free spirits, luring them in with promises of secret knowledge and powerful new arts. These Knights would fight in the wars for the Alliance, while the astronomers continued to study in peace.

The Star Knights were very successful in the Wars. As the Dreamer Wars drew to a close, the Star Knights came to believe that they, and not the astronomers, were the true Alliance of the Eclipse. And when the battles between Illuminated Front and FreeSoul Knight reached a pause, as the enforced peace of dreamstrike settled over the city, the battles between Star Knight and astronomer within the Alliance began.

The Star Knights used blades and chakrams of great power, and the astronomers countered with their arts. Gathering together, the astronomers used a newly created art, to draw power from the sky and, channeling it (through the Power Room), they forced nearly every Star Knight dreaming to awaken. Once this was done, the astronomers demoted the Knights, and regained power over their house.

Seeing the harm wrought by the Alliance's involvement in the Dreamer Wars, Alliance Ruler Kal'Arakos was the first to swear the oaths of peace... never to do violence except in the most dire of times, to seek to avoid conflict, not encourage it. Some of the other astronomers swore these oaths as well, those who did not were encouraged to leave for other houses. And so the Alliance became a house of peace... but a far smaller, weaker house than it had once been.

Facts about Eclipse

First Elder: Damath

First Rulers: Ambi, Nziri

Plane: Lambent Flats

Beliefs: OpenSoul/Illuminate

Role: Mystical

Prime Artifact: N/A