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This is the DreamSeer Focus art.

It determines the the level of Chakrams, Blades, and Charms the DreamSeer can use.

Also see Focus Arts.

Art History

"Each time you get mad at a DreamSeer for blasting you, think of the following things:

1) In the times of wars, where chaos is pulling at the very seams of the dream, and dreamers are fighting back and forth across the dream, and people are stepping into and out of areas causing the chaos of battle to roll, making friends shoot friends trying to get at the enemies, this is a time where DreamSeers with blast are very useful, hiding back across the room dealing their damage precisely to the enemies.

2) Without DreamSeers in the dream, the FateSenders and Darkmares who roamed the dream would reign supreme when they brought darkness over a room. There would be no way to protect ourselves from it, and everyone would be at their mercy...

3) Without DreamSeers, Many of the arts that are a part of the everyday dream for persons of each focus would never have come into existence, and life would be much more difficult for every focus person because of the lack of arts people have, and many of the histories that people have passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth among st the DreamSeers who have always been very interested in the knowledge and heritage of their predecessors.

4) Without DreamSeers, no other focus would have a basis or understanding of whom they are, because no one would have kept track of these things if it weren't for DreamSeers keeping track of events as they happen, DreamSeers commonly share a strong love of knowledge in any form, and demonstrate great eagerness to create and expand on the current knowledge of the dream, and teach those of each focus what place they are to hold in the dream, and exactly how important each focus is in the dream. A DreamSeer is failing in their duties if they hold themselves above any other... DreamSeers are the keepers of knowledge, they use their wisdom to guide the Will power, and the Spirituality, and the Forcefulness of the other foci towards the goals of rebuilding the dream city to it's former glory.

Now, knowing this, I'd like to take you along on a small story about a dream without DreamSeers.

Once upon a dream, there was only three foci, those three foci were Gatekeeper, FateSender, and SoulMaster. The dream was a fairly happy place, but the most advanced the dreamers arts had achieved in the several millennia that the dream had been open was those that are now given to everyone who enters our realm, with exception to the art of know, which is an insight based art. Safe to say, not many arts were created... Before the Greatest of the Gatekeepers went to the SoulMasters asking what was wrong, the SoulMasters looked unto themselves and searched for the creative parts inside of themselves, and couldn't think of things that needed changed. The Gatekeepers then went to the FateSenders who cackled and laughed at the gatekeepers before chasing them off with insults and embarrassment. The greatest of the gatekeepers went back to the SoulMasters and asked them to help in the creation of a new focus that would help balance the practical joking of the FateSenders, and keep track of the deeds that the great Gatekeepers have done, and help the SoulMasters keep track of remedies and potion combinations that would help them heal and work with the essence of dreamers so the SM's began brewing, and the Gatekeepers Meditated until they were blue in the face hoping for something that would relieve there dilemma. After 7days, the SM's walked out of their tent with an Azure-eyed DreamSeer baby to begin a great era in the dream.

They called together a meeting of all the dreamers, and they presented the baby to everyone in the dream. And at this meeting is where they gave this baby a name. They called him Ragalieth, which means in the far eastern tongues on Cloudsbreak the deliverance. Ragalieth grew quickly, and became strong faster then anyone had imagined, and the Great Gatekeepers began slightly fearing him. The SoulMasters watched him from afar, observing his every move to see if he would turn out capable of their expectations.

Ragalieth was a very quiet man. Much to the GK's satisfaction he found a lot of interests in the doings of others. And he would tell the stories of the feats his GK hunting companion, always leaving himself out of the story except for in key parts explaining what he saw. Ragalieth would sit for hours watching the SoulMasters mix potions. He would memorize the steps used to mix each ingredient in, and he would memorize the entire recipe for the potions. It wasn't long into his studies that he was keeping a close eye out catching some slight mistakes the SoulMasters would make every now and then.

For this, the SoulMasters loved him. He went to the camp of the FateSenders and observed their actions. The FateSenders found this strong tall man a great target for their jokes, because he didn't strike out at the FateSenders pranks. What the FateSenders didn't realize was he was Keeping an eye on the antics that the FateSenders used, and feeling what effect the various arts the FateSenders used to deliver there jokes. This took much patience and great moral courage not to do something rash to those FateSenders.

He began noting the different feels of different arts upon his avatar, and began thinking of things that would stop those from coming about. He spent several years laying out the basic fundamentals of how an Art was created. He Climbed to a place around the middle of Mt. Illapse and found a large cliff face, where he began Chiseling into the stone in large block letters on his theory of how arts were created, and how they effected the person targeted.

He had completed his work, and the only thing he had left to do to prove his theory was to create an art, and use it in front of the other people so they would take his knowledge and build upon it, not thinking him mad. Ragalieth was so knowledgeable of the arts and how they are targeted, and what effects different arts had on people, he invited everyone in the dream to the place in front of his inscribing, and he read his writings to all, and many people laughed at him thinking him crazy, this is when Ragalieth began evoking for the first time in his life. He was so in tune with his art, he held the bright light in front of him, making all look unto him with awe. Then he asked all for one volunteer to step forward to meet him, and strike him with a blade, a FateSender quickly did so and began laughing.

As the FS was rolling around laughing, Ragalieth reached one finger out, and put it to the laughing FS's forehead. The FateSenders head exploded into several parts. Leaving his avatar crumpled on the ground as his sphere floated in front of Ragalieth. Complete and utter silence fell over the gathered. Ragalieth looked among his fellows wearily; he then pointed up to his writings and announced once again that everything they needed to know was upon the wall. He then turned, and evoked an art no one has ever seen since. He stood in front of the wall one second, and then his body spread out along his writings, and then he melded into his writings. Much of this history the stories about Ragalieth have been lost, and this is the only one I have been able to find. If there were more DS back then perhaps the stories of ancient histories would be more complete."

Researched by Cyrelion