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November 2001

After a short and engaging interview with Master Seer Tux:

Several diligent dreams and the combined efforts of some of Underlight's most knowledgeable DreamSeers, have yielded a great unearthing. With a small contribution from the Elder Falinor, the dreamers Zartok, Munchkin, Purple Lace, Loveslight, and Tux once again entered the sacred halls of their focus guild. The flying of a teal banner, that signifies the spirit of the Ancient Masters' purpose, marked the accomplishment. In their language, loosely translated, it reads: "True Masters of Insight attain eternal wisdom." The relic survived with the assistance of the Keepers of Eternal Shadow, who discovered and preserved it. The purpose of the society remains two fold. Steering other potentials to become Masters, and attempting to guide all Seers in the path of Insight. Both of which have been revealed as challenging, exciting, and of course rewarding paths. This marks another truly grand accomplishment within the City of Dreams. Congratulations Dreamers.


The Dreamseer Guild is located in Upper Basin of Stars.
Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month

This room is restricted to Dreamseers that belong to the guild.
Dreamseers must have attained 3rd sphere for entrance.
Dreamseers access the guild hall by using the art Translocate

The first recorded leaders of the Dreamseer Guild were Falinor (elder), Tux and Munchkin.
Combine was the first art created by the Dreamseer Guild.