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The Focus art of the FateSender focus.

This art determines the level of chakrams, blades,and charms that the FateSender can use.

No item with a level higher than the focus art can be used.

Also see Focus Arts

Art History

FateSenders, while labeled the tricksters of the Dream, do not by and large deserve their reputation. Perhaps this "distinction" was placed upon them for one colossal prank in the Chimeric Plane some time ago... FateSenders enjoy certain benefits and privileges, as well as many varied relations among the other foci. FateSenders, while they can easily claim to be repulsed by combat, seem to do extraordinarily well in both positions. As restore is a minor art, they can pick it up and play as a very effective sideliner.. restoring comrades, and continuously scaring those who oppose us. Even the average fatesender can keep someone scared for more than a minute straight. They are also good at indirect combat, with arts such as darkness and the feared razorwind. As FateSenders are renowned for their trickery, they are also remarkably insightful, and adept at seeking it out. It is not rare that you should find FateSender's occupying some of the higher ranks in the diplomatic structure.. or playing in societies game.