Fighting other Players

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If you want to fight another player, you have two choices:

  1. Play as a Nightmare
  2. Play as a Dreamer and have a good reason for it

Playing as a Nightmare

If you simply want the challenge of attacking other players, you can choose to play as a monster. You are limited in the actions you can perform as a monster, but you don't need any reasons to attack others - you're a monster!

Playing as a Dreamer

If you are going to play as a Dreamer, you must have a good reason to attack other players. If you attack players without good reason, you will be kicked out of the game. *

Here are some good reasons to attack other players:

  • You have been caught infiltrating an enemy House, and after failing to convince the people who caught you that you should actually be there, you decide you must battle your way out.
  • A member of an enemy House has challenged your honor.
  • Someone is about to do something that your character does not believe is right.
  • You have been threatened.
  • You are avenging an attack upon your House.

Your patron Guardian will be able to provide you with many more good reasons for combat. Just ask.

(*) Note that "my character is a serial killer or a psychopath" is not a valid game reason to attack other players - if you want to frag, just play Quake. It's a far better game for frag fests.

You'll probably advance faster if choose your battles wisely. Nor is fighting necessary in the game. You can advance to the highest levels in the game without fighting even once.