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December 1, 2021

A length of 100 years has passed since the dream city has been attainable. Vines and rubbish have taken over the city. Dreamers of new and old are now able to enter the portals of Threshold. What will become of the dream city? What new adventures await?

Houses of Reawakening

Guilds of Reawakening

Practices of Reawakening

Stabilization: House Calenture

In practice, the Chaos is channeled to allow for the integration of this energy when needed. The chaotic energy provides the last ingredient to establishing this stabilization. This is defined as the merging of all the elements to form that which is used as the foundation of the Dream itself. It is the only energy that can be used safely for great things such as forging items, proper manipulation of avatars, art construction, and even planesmithing.

Purification: Dreamers of Light

Chaos is an impurity that needs to be stricken from the city of Underlight. The chaos tempts dreamers with false promises of grandeur. The Ambassador is the embodiment of evil and seeks to subvert the city’s guiding Light.

The crusaders of Illapse aim to gather as much energy as possible to ensure that it is purified and then repurposed back into the city. The only way to properly deal with the corrupted energy that runs rampant through the city is to purify it by way of fire. A ritual is performed upon their Dreaming Stone periodically to purify the energy contained within.

Neutrality: Order of the Sable Moon

The house (Order of the Sable Moon) takes a neutral stance in almost any scenario. They believe in individuality and that dreamers shouldn’t be forced into one specific path. Their house allows members to pursue their own goals and stands behind each of their efforts. They greatly believe in unity above all else and the driving goal is to avoid violence with the understanding that it is sometimes necessary. They teach dreamers that only a unified city can withstand the tests of time. Unity within the city does not mean that every dreamer must walk the same path or share the same beliefs. Dreamers must only share a common desire to see the city thrive. The rest doesn’t matter. The Order views mares as chaotic beasts, but they are not opposed to studying them for science, magic, or knowledge.