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A dated and incomplete list of Lyrans

Adjack- Janitor Type Lyran
Agathos - Missing in Action
Alfredo Francos- AoTe Lyran
Aprilic - In the Chaos
Artamour - Missing in Action
Balrog - Missing in Action
Balthiir - Soulmaster Freespirit
Brosh-Ruler of GotE.
Caladar - Soulmaster Ruler of the Order of the Sable Moon
Cragg - Missing in Action
Damath - Ruler of the Alliance of the Eclipse
Drakenlore - Gone
Fayd - Dead
Fayd's Curse - Ghost of Fayd, haunts DoL for their failure
Gyarmath - Dreamseer Freespirit
Gyrethyn - Gone
Jor'Vahl - Fatesender Freespirit
Kajira - Freespirit Female
Kal'ana - Ruler of The Protectors of Radiance
Kelrith - Soulmaster Ruler of House Calenture
Lord Reefa - Missing in Actions
Lord Xanireth - Missing in Action
Lord Xenus - Ruler of the Keepers of the Eternal Shadow
Madame D - Gone
Pallas - Former first ruler of House Calenture
Ridd - Unknown
Riniak - Unknown
Sabra - Has Returned to the dream
Saggitar-Lyran of UoTC (FS)
Mosmth-Lyran of UoTC (DS)
Scarwind - Unknown
Shade - Gatekeeper Freespirit
Sha'Resa - DOL Lyran (Ruler)
Shoqua - Missing in Action
Spider - Missing in Action
STATX - Mute lyran, brings new items to the dream. artifacts ect.
Telomir - Fatesender Freespirit
Theogean - On a leave of abscene, First to dream after loss
Thunberg - FrS Dreamseer Lyran
Tybarian - Deceased, First Ruler of the Protectors of Radiance
Tzintha - Gatekeeper Freespirit
Vodalus - Head Librarian of the Library of Souls
Yog-ka - Missing after escaping death sentence
Zarius - Missing in Action
Zovorodi - Freespirit