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Welcome to the Underlight Wiki

a.k.a "Chaos Library"

Underlight - The City of Dreams

Guides to the City

Foci | Arts | Talismans | Nightmares, Darkmares, Datoken, and Revenants | Dreamer's Guide | Glossary | Maps | XP and Sphere Table

The Great Houses

Dreamers of Light | Union of the Covenant | Order of the Sable Moon | House Calenture | Alliance of the Eclipse | Monastery of the Shadow | Temple of Abundant Soul | Houses of the Past | House Prime Artifacts | House Ranks | House Arts

Lore, History and Biography

Dream Planes | Dreamer/House Beliefs | City Histories | Dreamer/House Practices | Dreamer Biographies | Dreamer Stories | Bardic Tales

Rules & Wiki Guides

Wiki Rules | Chaos Library | Article Creation Guide | Game Manual


Dreamer Articles Needed

Please visit Article Creation Guide to figure out how articles are made. Even if you do not understand the syntax, just create a page, type out your text, then submit it. Eventually someone who does will come along and file it in its proper place. All recently added codices and edits will appear in the "Recent Changes" under the Navigation box on the left. Moreover, if you see a grammar or spelling mistake that you just have to correct, feel free to do so. Edit to your heart's content, but please make sure you respect the rules.

Looking for more information on new art mechanisms and house details. Please look up current art article for format usage. History should be on the same page as the art information itself and should have its own subsection.

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