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Across the far reaches of the Evernight Plateau stands House Calenture.

Clash of Dreams Era Beliefs

House Calenture believes the protection of the city is a Dreamer's first priority. With out the city of Underlight, there would be no safe haven from the onslaught of forces of Chaos. As such, they believe that Freesoul or Illuminate, it is their duty as dreamers to keep safe the City of Underlight from threats both Maren and Dreamer.

As such, Calenture is Opensoul, choosing to keep personal dreaming beliefs just that, Personal. Any whom wish to take the Oaths of the Lady, regardless of personal dreaming beliefs, are welcomed.

Each member of Calenture swears an oath, to both the city, and to each other, to serve and protect the city and their home. Their code of honor is upheld in every aspect of their dreaming, from teaching to combat.

Calenturian's follow the word of the Lady of Calenture, for whom the house was named. While the original word of the Lady has been changed, translated, and interpreted differently over time to suit the ever changing landscape, the most notable of the word, unchanged since Calenture's founding, are the Dual Paths.

Members who chose to take up arms in the defense of the city and their home follow the path of the Lance. Lancers are the right hand of The Lady of Calenture, warriors trained in combat and defense, the front line in the fight to protect the city of Underlight. They are tasked with the protection of both the city, and Calenture itself.

Those not well versed in combat, who chose to protect the city by word and thought, take up the path of the Shield. Shield members are the left hand of the Lady, honoring their oaths through teaching, strategy, subterfuge, and any other number of small ways that keep the house functioning and growing.

House Calenture practices the art of Banishment, having not yet found a safer way of dealing with the chaotic energies found within each maren essence.

Through the Orb of Calenture, the chaotic energies are stripped from the raw dreamsoul that makes up a maren essence and banishes it back into the swirling chaos from whence it came. The remaining dreamsoul is converted to energy to power their home.

House Facts

Plane: Evernight Plateau

Beliefs: OpenSoul/Banishers

Role: Warriors

Prime Artifact: The Orb of Calenture

House Art: Poison Cloud

House Sigil: The Dual Triune

House Roster

Advisors: Aileron, Arlyana Jax

Former Advisors: Thunderman

Rulers: Arnaya, Uthanatos

Former Rulers: Aileron, Arlyana Jax, Clarity, Kage, Thunderman

Guardians: Hael Frost, Magnum-425

Former Guardians: Kaihan, LadySilver, Hikari X, Snow Angel

Initiates: Aphrael Kelos, Neil

Former Initiates: Cianne, CONMAN, Entropy, Frey, Kailee, Puned, SN!PER, Turvy, Xererth, Zenobia

Lyra Era Beliefs

House Calenture was the first of two houses rebuilt after the Great Loss. HC is a FreeSoul banishing house.

The banish the mare essence into their orb. They believe in banishing the mare essence back to the chaos they were spawn from leaving the dream untainted by a chaotic presence.

House Calenture is also a warrior house (offensive nature) defending the city of the threats of mares and dreamers wishing to harm the city.

House Beliefs: Banishing and FreeSoul. House Calenture believes in Banishing the Mare Essences. They also believe that Cloudsbreak and the Dream have no interaction with each other.

House History

A tale of Pallas

as told by Fafhrd.

When the house was strong, most everyone was at nearly the same levels, at least the house teachers. The problem for everyone was to get a plateu for arts everyone had to basically get it from a Lyran.So all the high teachers got together and basically tux headed the entire thing,It was pallas, and a group of us, including tux and myself that made a plan on how to teach everyone. We formed the MT group, who were each of the top focus,actually two of each focus.With working with the lyran, she would teach the top teachers, and then we could teach all the others coming up through the ranks.This took off like lightning, and in no time we were getting above and beyond all the other houses,You can guess the disagreement that arose then. We went to the other houses and even gave them the entire format on how to set this up and run it in there own houses. It began to work, but each of the other houses wanted their own thing. The complaints over did the accomplishments, and a problem with multi tasking from the lyran eneded it. Today there is no allowance for a multi-task, but the MT's survived thru ridgurous efforts. Basically it was the foundation of taking so much load off the Elders, and giving some to all the dreamers. IT went thru its tests, as somethings failed. Today though it seems to survive, though it is not set up like we originally planned.

A tale of Chill

as told by tux

His contribution to Calenture has all but been forgotten, but it was huge. Chill was one of the original rulers in the Circle when the city reopened...educated and friendly, almost shy in some respects... A great warrior when required, but one who almost lost Calenture as his personal beliefs went far beyond those of the freesoul... A true and probably one of the first servents of the city... One day after a particularly nasty battle with the Light... Rulers Pallas and Ghea decreed upon a change to our oath. That trickly little part stating "DoL is our sworn enemy" was not in it prior to that and they wanted it inserted. Might not seem like much now...but back then was a huge calamedy. Chill opposed it...Was sneered and jeered by most of the house...In one of the most impressive displays of diplomacy he stood before a house meeting so large it took two rooms to contain all and a guardian joined in party in one room had to repeat all that was being said to those in the other. Even Lord Kelrith attended and tried to keep peace...Chill stood tall...and gave his many reasons why those words should not be inserted in our house beliefs. In the end...he lost. But didnt loose either his self respect or his love by the initiates of Calenture...why? Because he knew how to present an arguement and how to face defeat without letting chaotic thought take over... he is not remembered by many any longer. But to those he touched he remains one of the greatest Calenturians ever.

A tale of Kelrith, as well as Smoke, Dragon and others

As told by Kelos

Part One

Kelrith wandered the empty halls of House Calenture, looking for ways to bring honor and glory back to it's halls. When a rift closed, many dreamers awakened into the dream. Kelrith found these dreamers and questioned them on their beliefs. He found six dreamers who were Freesoul. They were Ghea, Mufassa, Darkel, Zartok, Boggen, and Dragon. These six learned the value and honor of House Calenture. These dreamers were Initiated to house Calenture.

Kelrith gave the six a quest, bring other dreamer's to the house. As the search for other Freesoul Dreamers expanded to bring many to the house, Kelrith was able to locate a powerful Artifact of the past. He found the Orb of Calenture. This artifact has the ability to banish the nightmares from the city. He have the great honor of protecting and guarding the Orb to Darkel. Darkel became the first servant of the Orb. It was found that the more nightmares that are banished thru the use of the Orb, the stronger it got. As it gained power, the House grew stronger and more powerful.

One day, it was decided that House Calenture would visit the lands of House of Dreamer's light. An Illuminated house. This house believes that the nightmares are the souls of unawakened dreamers, Thru this misconception, they have embarked upon the dangerous course of entrapping the nightmares. Keeping these within the city of dreams, free to escape from their prison and wreak more havoc upon the City of Dreams.

Led by Kelrith, the Initiates journey to the House of Dreamer's light. Upon reaching the outer ring of Threshold, we came across a group of initiates of DoL, led by Kasumi Keda. As soon as Darkel entered their presence, a small battle ensued and was quickly ended. Tanar of DoL was reduced to a soulsphere by Darkel. Kasumi Keda demanded of Darkel, the Orb. Darkel then passed possession of the Orb to Ghea. Kelrith asked and received free passage for the initiates of Calenture to visit House of DoL to discuss the matter further. It was discovered that the member of Dreamer's of Light were on a quest to gain possession of the Orb of Calenture. They did not know why this was required, only that they needed to recover it for their guardian Mithrandir. A short discussion ensued and Kelrith apologized to Tanar for Darkel's actions, as it was Darkel's duty to protect the orb. Kelrith then announced the reason for the visit.Thru a Miscommunication that Ghea had with Kelrith, the Orb of Calenture was now in the possession of Dreamer's of light. The next day, Boggen found the Orb of Calenture, it seemed that Kasumi Keda had dropped it durning a battle. Still under the misconception that the Orb needed to be with Kasumi, the Orb was returned to DoL with the admonishment that the artifact must be protected at all costs. The next day, Smoke was Initiated to house Calenture. A powerful warrior, Smoke had been able to retrieve a lost house ID that Valourin had dropped. When confronted with this by the Dreamer's of Light, Smoke refused to return the ID. After being Initiated to the house, Kasumi Keda came to demand the return of the ID. Ghea, having realized that the Orb must be returned to the safekeeping of House Calenture, negotiated with Kasumi to trade the orb for the ID. This was agreed to and the Orb was once again safely in the hands of the servant of the Orb, Darkel. Darkel, feeling loss of the house by allowing the orb to pass to DoL, gave the honor of Servant of the Orb to Dragon.

Dragon then became the new Servant of the Orb.

Kelrith, drawn by his inner feelings, leaves House Calenture as guardian. A new Guardian appeared, Pallas comes to lead House Calenture to greater glory. Smoke is promoted to Captain of the guard. His duties are to build and train an army to protect the House and the Initiates from the Nightmare threat and any threat the House of Dreamer's of Light might pose. As the dream unfolds, more dreamers are initiated into the house, one dreamer, Docgeno, thru another misunderstanding, attacks and reduces a fellow initiate, Kyane. This causes the house to hold a trial in House Calenture. It was decided at this trial that since Docgeno was a new Initiate and not fully aware of the policies and beliefs of the house, that the fault did not completely lie with Docgeno. The house then adopts a policy of assigning Mentors to ALL new Initiates so that they may learn the teachings of the house, and to gain their 1st Sphere with honor. Kyane accepts Docgeno's apology and the hearing is ended.

After the Hearing, Pallas promotes Ghea to the position of Guardian. She charges Ghea with the responsibility to protect the house and the Initiates. She is charged with leading House Calenture to greater glory and honor. A few days later, the Orb of Calenture was lost again by rifts of the dream. It is found by an initiate of Dreamer's of Light and is turned over to Kasumi Keda, guardian of DoL. Nothing was said to the members of Calenture of it's whereabouts and it's loss was still a mystery. A week passes, Mufassa is selected and promoted to Guardian. He is charged with protecting the house and it's members and to bring glory and honor to the house.

A few days later, Kasumi Keda and Watcher, both guardians of House of Dreamer's light, bring a proposal to Ghea and Mufassa. Their proposal is for the return of the Orb of Calenture, that the ransom of 200 nightmare essence would be required for it return. Ghea and Mufassa refuse to pay this "Tribute" to DoL, as they know that these essence will only be imprisoned within the city and would cause such havoc and destruction of the city if they escaped. They countered with 100 Shields and 100 Chakrams. This offer was refused by the guardians of DoL. A weeklong negotiation ensued and ended in stalemate.

A Tournament was announced by Kelrith, this tourney was open to All dreamers. Each was to fight against others of the same Sphere. That weekend, the First Tournament of the Sphere's was held in the Dueling area. While waiting for Kelrith to come and explain the rules of the Tournament, Dragon was near Watcher when Watcher was overcome with a rift in the dream. When he awoke, the Dreamer's Stone was where he stood. Draigon, seeing this, grabbed the Stone and took it immediately to Ghea, who then stored the stone in House Calenture for safekeeping. Both returned to Threshold to participate in the Tournament, happy in the knowledge that the question of how to retrieve the Orb of Calenture was finally answered.

Kelrith explained that there would be 3 duels. First dual would be between the sphere less, those of orbit 0 to 9. The first gladiators were Red Dragon and Juan, both of House Calenture. The battle waged on and lasted for a long time, it ended in stalemate as both dreamers were skilled in battle and could not attack to an advantage.

It was decided to go onto the next battle, those of the 1st Sphere. These Participants were Kyane, Snowblind, Ghea, and Dena. The battle was decided to be a group battle, last one standing wins. Almost instantly, Ghea was down. Soon 2 others were reduced to SoulSpheres leaving SnowBlind as the only one standing! Snowblind was now Champion of the 1st Sphere!! Snowblind was rewarded with Xp's and the art of Remove Curse.

It was decided that the Unsphered would then fight again. This time there would be 3 gladiators, they are Lawman, Red Dragon, and Juan. They would fight till only 1 stood. Lawman was the first to fall! Then the first two fought valiantly, Red Dragon and Juan. This time they held powerful talismans and were prevented from using alterors or elemens. The battle waged powerful and exciting. Then suddenly, Red Dragon falls and Juan stands a Victor as Champion of the UnSphered!! Juan was rewarded with the honor of Xp's and able to keep his tourney Chak for future battles against the nightmares.

Then, the third Tourney was announced for those of the 2nd Sphere. These participants were Dragon, Smoke, Ariana, Kasumi Keda, Watcher, LMBE, and Draigon. The battle was again a free for all, It was fierce and quick, Dragon, Ariana, Watcher, and LMBE fell quickly and the last two, Smoke and Kasumi Keda became long and drawn out. It was fierce and exciting! Smoke used his powers of Chamele to dodge away from Kasumi's weapons. But after 45 minutes of battle, Smoke finally killed Kasumi Keda and became Champion of the 2nd Sphere!!! Smoke was rewarded with Xp's and the art of Identify. He was also given a talisman called "Smoke's Champion" it has the power of resist fear.

So it was on this glorious day that House Calenture won all 3 battles of the Tournament and became blessed with the Honor of Proclaiming to our Initiates that House Calenture is Victor of the 1st Tournament of Spheres!!

Later, after the tournament, Artamor, Guardian of Dreamer's of Light appears in Threshold. Mufassa and Ghea ask that negotiations resume on the issue of returning the Orb to Calenture. It was agreeded to and Mufassa, Ghea, Kasumi Keda, and Artamor retire to House of Dreamer's light to continue the negotiations. The negotiations were hot and heavy. We announced to DoL that we had recovered the Dreaming stone and were willing to return their artifact if they were willing to sign a treaty. This treaty would in effect prevent the corruption of the guardians from holding their respective artifacts hostage. The wording of the Treaty is as follows:

If a member of House Calenture finds the Dreamer's Stone, they will give it to a Guardian of Calenture who will then return it to a Guardian of DoL. If a member of DoL finds the Orb of Calenture, they will give it to a Guardian of DoL who will then return it to a Guardian of Calenture. Kasumi Keda and Artamor were told that if this treaty is not signed, then the holding of the items could lead to war. The guardians of DoL refused to agree to the treaty, instead they insisted that the Artifacts be traded immediately and that would be the end of it. We refused. The negotiations then stalemated and it was decided that the negotiations would continue the next day. We left the Guardians of DoL to think on the issue. The next day, in a public meeting in threshold. The negotiations continued. It was decided that a tournament be held to decide if DoL would sign such a treaty. Two champions of each house would battle. If Calenture won, then the treaty would be signed, if Calenture lost, then emissary's would be sent from both houses to negotiate further for the treaty. The rules of the tournament was to be as follows:

We will exchange the artifacts now in good faith. We will hold you to your word that the treaty will be agreed to if we win the tourney, If we lose, then we will send our ambassador to further negotiate the treaty... Guardians are not allowed to participate in the tourney... The tourney will be held next Saturday.. BOTH houses will send an emissary to decide the specifics of the tourney itself during this week. The rule will be posted on a public forum no later then Thursday night..

This was agreed to by both houses. The artifacts were then traded back to their respective houses. Dragon was rewarded for his valiant effort in retrieving the Stone. Here is the Transcript:

Pallas: Dragon, will you step forward?

Pallas: Dragon, you are to be congratulated....

Pallas: You have shown exceptional service to the House, and we wish to reward you here and now for it.....

Pallas: Dragon, you wisely discovered the Dreaming Stone and allowed us to recover our own Orb of Calenture!

Pallas bows most deeply to Dragon

Dragon returns the bow

Ghea bows with respect to Dragon

Pallas: Dragon, for exceptional service to the House I grant you two things.....

Dragon bows to ghea

Pallas: First, experience to elevate you to the 21st Orbit.

Dragon bows

Pallas: And second, the Art of Resist Fear for your valiant efforts

Pallas bows

Ghea bows

Dragon bows in thanx to pallas

Zartok applauds

Smoke bows

Dragon bows to ghea

boggen bows

Pallas: Let us all raise a hand to Dragon in salute!!!

Red Dragon cheers.

Red Dragon salutes.

Zartok raises hand in salute

Pallas: Dragon, thank you!

Ghea cheers to Dragon!

Smoke bows

Kelos applaudes

Dragon steps down

Dragon: pallas your welcome, i only wish to help as much as possible

Pallas: Continue as you have Dragon, and let all follow in your example!

Part Two

Kelrith & company, three of three

Later that day, we all retired to threshold, where Kelrith awaited us in anticipation of the Artifact hunt! It was soon a day to be dreaded.

Kelrith holds up a hand asking for silence... he has an urgent look upon is face

Kelrith: I had mentioned that we would have an artifact Hunt yesterday... this is true, but...

Kelrith: As you know I have been laboring to unlock the powers of our former Dreamwright Masters...

Kelrith: I had hoped to uncover a powerful Artifact that could be used to rebuild the City. Instead... I have released an artifact of pure evil...

Kelrith becomes sad

Ghea wacks kelrith on the back of the head really hard

Kelrith: I cannot forgive myself for this, but I shall try to destroy the item if it is found.

Kelrith raises an eyebrow at Ghea

Smoke : don't destroy it

Smoke : give it to us

Tanar : destroy it

Ghea : What evil have you released to the city of dream's Kelrith??

SN!PER : I will help destroy it

Kelrith: The artifact was created in the closing days of the Dreamer Wars... it is known as the Corrupter of Souls

Tanar : evil as it sounds

darkel ponders this

Kelrith: This artifact has the power to turn Dreamers into.. NIGHTMARES!

Smoke : cool

Dragon : ahhhhhh

Tanar : what would this currupter of souls do just like the name?

darkel : yipeeee

Watcher: !

darkel : lets get it

Ghea : This is Terrible!

Tanar : dammit yep its ganna get destroyed thats just what we need

Dragon : wher is it located at on the dreamscape?

Smoke : i'll help find it and keep it : )

Kelrith: It must be recovered at all costs. If it should fall into the hands of a dishonorable one, it could cause much havoc!

Tanar : ahh so we have a hunt on are hands greed versus peace

Kelrith: I know not exactly where this Artifact lies, except that it is somewhere within the City.

Kelrith: Sniper, it is an Artifact. It can NEVER run out of power!

Zartok : will we recognize this object?

Kelrith: Zartok, it is blood red and metal-- it is an Artifact. Know it by its name, Corrupter of Souls.

Dragon : so many questions.....

Kelrith: If it can be brought back to me I will try to destroy it... if I can...

Tanar : so is this vile corrupter of souls out far are close or do you know

Kelrith: Good luck!

The City was searched high and low. It was found by Tanar. Tanar turned the corruptor over to Watcher. It was then taken to House of Dreamer's light to be stored away from other dreamers until a way could be found to destroy this evil device. It was decided between the guardians, that the Corruptor would betrayed between houses every other week as neither house wanted such an item in their presence.

Later that day, it was found that Ariana, a Free Spirit, had been attacked and wounded by a Demon in the basin of stars. This Demon was unknown and was somehow linked to the Corrupter of Souls and to a mysterious Artifax that was found in Trinity Rise.

The Council of Calenture was brought into being. Draigon was appointed as Leader of the Council, Kyane and SN!PER were appointed as Council members. The council's duty is to the House. They are to lead the Initiates in things of domestic and judicial matters. Here, the Ambassadors, emissary's, judges, historians, librians, Mentors, and others are to be organized. The Captain of the Guard and his squads report directly to the Council. The Council reports directly to the guardians. Dragon and Boggen are appointed as lieutenants of the Guards. Dragon will lead a squad of guards to fight the nightmares. Boggen's guards are to be the honor guard. Protecting the house and the initiates against intrusions.

The Corrupter of Souls is passed from the Dreamer's of Light house to House Calenture for safekeeping. It was found that several other dreamers were attacked by the demon also. Draigon has become wounded. It was also discovered that those who experimented with corruptor of souls were also targeted by the Demon and either attacked, or were so frightened by the presence of the demon, that their minds were jumbled.

Darkel, an Initiate who had left the house to follow his destiny is re-initiated into the house. He had a mission to go to dreamer's of Light to try to retrieve the Orb of Calenture. But since other events precluded his mission, he was then re-accepted into the house.

Draigon was then Promoted to Guardianship. As leader of the Council, he has shown his dedication and honor to the house. Dragon was also to be the Second guardian at this time, but due to a rift, was not able to attend the ceremonies.

A vote was taken by the Initiates on weather or not to have a tourney to decide the issue of the Treaty of the Artifacts. It was a heated discussion where Smoke spoke most vehemently against the Tourney. It was then decided that there would be no tournament. Emissary's and ambassadors were then appointed. Discussions for the Treaty continue. Riddles and questions abound about the Ariana's Demon. It was finally discovered that 6 guardians, 3 of Calenture, 3 of Dreamer's light, were to combine their forces with a seventh, an ancient Dreamwright named Aprlic, to call the demon from it's lair and rescue Ariana's soul from it's clutches. On the eventful day, the Demon is called and many dreamers, Free Spirits, Calenture Initiates, and DoL Initiates fight the Demon Tehtau. Many are reduced to SoulSpheres. But they reform their avatars and again join the battle to defeat the Demon. After a lengthy battle, Ghea, in a lucky strike of her Gatesmasher succeeds in killing Tehtau and reducing it to it's very essence. But in the confusion of the battle, the weapon used by Tehtau was picked up by Draigon, and the Demon Essence is picked up (unknowing at the time) by Smoke. All thought the essence was destroyed and became incoherent into the dream. Ghea returns to the house to collect the Corrupter of Souls. As it was required to Banish Tehtau's essence in the Corrupter and both were to be banished from the dream. Ghea discovered that the Corrupter was missing from it's hiding place. Upon return to the field of battle, it was discovered that Draigon had taken the Corrupter of souls. All gathered in Edgeward Barrows to witness the return of Ariana. When the Ceremonies commenced, Aprlic appeared and explained the process to banish the Demon from the Dream. The Dreamer's stone was used to entrap the demon within the Corrupter, the Orb of Calenture was used to banish the Corrupter of Souls with the Demon essence. Aprlic entrapped himself within the Corrupter to keep the Demon from escaping. In a great celebration Aprlic brings Ariana back into the dream, healed and back into form. In celebration, we hold a Dress burning party and burn her wrecked dress.

Pallas comes to Edgeward Barrows and knights Dragon as Guardian of House Calenture. Guardians of both houses and several Free Spirits are granted the Art of Train. With this art, Guardians are now able to teach new arts to the dreamers, along with ascending them to higher spheres.

In a meeting with Kelrith, it was discovered that Kelrith had banished a false essence to the void. It was found that he still held the corrupter of souls. Kelrith is driven insane from the power of the evil. It was also discovered that Smoke held the essence of Tehtua and had become entranced by the Demon's powers. He then goes on a mission to recruit dreamers into the service of Tehtau. Smoke

succeeds on recruiting Draigon and Dragon in his mission. All three then attack and reduce to soulspheres any dreamer refusing to follow Tehtau. For this actions, all three are un-initiated from House Calenture. Later, Draigon and Dragon are able to purify their souls from the evil Tehtau. Dragon has taken upon a mission to destroy Smoke and take the evil essence from his clutches, but in a fatal mistake, Smoke instead destroys Dragon and still holds the essence of Tehtau. Draigon and Dragon, are then re-initiated into House Calenture. Smoke has been banished from the house permentantly.

Now rumors of a new evil house coming into being. Several Initiates are enticed by this news...

A tale of DarkLord

as told by tux.....

The first large scale war against the only two houses in the city had settled into a stalemate...nothing new. Ruler Darklord wished to end that by a decisive series of battles against the light....Victories rather.The house has almost three hundred members at the time.

The talent Dark had was demanding the most out of his military leaders and doing it by showing his own fearlessness in battle. He took his lieutenants aside and had them train all the warriors of the house based on their strengths....Sniper, Hunter, Gunny, MDKILL, and Lawman to name a few. When the time drew near to attack the Light he coordinated his forces throughout the city by use of couriers...with expert percision, and was wise enough to leave a substanual force behind at the house for the counter attack.. a very key element by the way.The battle waged on for hours with a seemingly endless supply of talismans on both sides and on several fronts...

The Keep, the light, Evernight plateau at threshold way... the "fight" was finally taken out of the Light....

DarkLord returned to the house with his legons and a relatively long duration of time passed before another war.

We won the respect of many and he won the respect of the house for his waring abilities.

Oath of Calenture

Today I make a new beginning and I do here by give my oath to the faith of Calenture. I will uphold this faith to the best of my ability, no matter what trials I face.

The belief of the freesoul states that I do not believe the dream effects the wakened world. The belief of banishment states that I believe banishment is the only true way to remove the destructive force that is Nightmares. The belief in the three ideals of Honor, Justice, and Loyalty states that I am a true warrior, be it with blade or with mind, and am sworn to protect the city, with these ideals ever in my mind.

I will seek, at all times, to put the Honor, Justice, and Defense of House Calenture and its members above all else. Those that oppose my beliefs outright are sworn enemies to the faith and must be dealt with honorably and accordingly.

House Calenture is a brotherhood that I now bond with. In doing so, I give my complete trust to its members, and expect no less from them.

Should I fail this trust, seek power for personal gain, or do anything to harm House Calenture, I will allow the faith to try me, and expect nothing less then a stripping of all I gained while bearing the crest. Betrayal of House Calenture is the highest crime.

I swear to uphold the three Ideals of Honor, Justice, and Loyalty, The freesoul faith, and our belief in banishment, no matter what the cost to my own person. With this oath, I now proudly and forever bear the crest of Calenture, and will uphold her beliefs until my last breath.

Laws of Calenture

  1. Your first responsibility is to your home. Always wear your crest on the front. You may not join any other house unless ruling body expresses otherwise.
  2. Act with Honor in all things, speech and actions. Your actions will always reflect on to Calenture as a whole. Always be kind and respectful, especially to the newly awakened.
  3. No member shall attack another with out sufficient reason. Always defend your home, verbally or otherwise.
  4. Nightmares, even collapsed, are a threat to our city. No member, under any circumstances shall leave behind any essence.
  5. Be proud of your beliefs and your home. If someone is speaking on our beliefs incorrectly, take the opportunity to respectfully correct them.
  6. Collapse on Sight (CoS) list will be declared and maintained by Lance, and gone over and approved by Shield.
  7. When in house and on facade, use offensive arts reasonably and responsibly. No offensive arts are to be evoked if guest is present and peaceful. All dueling is to take place within the patrol center.
  8. All members will observe and follow house etiquette and laws.
  9. All who join Calenture will follow the mentoring process.
  10. The breaking of laws or disorderly conduct will bring you up for a hearing with the house court. Punishments will be given accordingly.
  11. A ruler has the right and ability to demote anyone for endangering the house or fellow members.
  12. If the majority of the house feels that a ruler is unfit, the house court will be called to try said ruler. If ruler is found unfit, ruler must step down.

House Emblem

HC Initiate.gif

The HC emblem was first used as a sign of nobility and strength by the high ranking warriors of a small clan in Cloudsbreak. The three points on the emblem stand for power(Rulers), justice(Guardians), and knowledge(Scholars).

Top ball: To Serve the House

Right side top point: Power of the Guardians, Strength of the Guardians

Right bottom ball: To protect the Dream

Bottom point: Knowledge of the Scholars, Loyalty of the Initiates

Bottom left ball: To oppose those who do not Banish

Top left point: Justice of the Rulers, Wisdom of the Rulers

Middle: Unity

So, the 3 points represent the members (ranks), and the balls represent the dream, our beliefs, and serving our home.

House Facts


Plane: Evernight Plateau

Beliefs: FreeSoul/Banishers

Role: Warriors

Prime Artifact: The Orb of Calenture

House Art: Poison Cloud

Other Artifacts: The Orb of Darkness

First Elder: Kelrith

Previous Elders: Vektor, Gadd Rangi, Stonegrinder, Roxanne, Maal, Aoleus, Teloc Otek

First Rulers: Ghea and Tolket

Previous Rulers: Kelos, SN!PER, Tux, Taja, Triste, Kailoth, Rowen, Kage, Tipsy, Renna, Venom

First Guardians: Dragon, Draigon, Mufassa

Previous Guardians: DiscoWay, CONMAN, Reh'dak, MrChaos, Clarity, Thunderman