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"A darkmare named Ataraxis started showing affection for me. I was a male avatar, and Ataraxis was also a male. I fought off his advances for weeks. Ataraxis seemed to know exactly when I dreamed. He tracked me down within minutes. He wanted me as his mate. That was un-natural and I wanted nothing to do with this..

"During a battle at House Calenture, Ataraxis and his fellow darkmares collapsed me and others. The facade was full of incoherent Calenturians as well as other house members that had come to our aide. Ataraxis started evoking curse on me...over and over. The other darkmares also evoked curse on me.They performed some sort of ritual and forced me to wake as a soulsphere. When I returned to the dream city, I entered throught the house portal. I felt strange, different. My avatar was now female. That was when the darkmares went crazy. It was then that Ataraxis pursued me each and every time I dreamed. He chased me everywhere. Being ruler of House Calenture, I was given my own private guard to protect me. Belgereth, Osric and Jamey tried their best to protect me from Ataraxis. Still, he attacked with anger and lust. I still refused his affection, even though he collapsed me daily. Ataraxis wanted me as his mate. His anger grew with each denial."Ataraxis posted a post on Calenture's mission board and called me a "Kaos dreamrz". This shocked everyone in House Calenture. A darkmare was able to enter member only areas and actually post on the house mission board. He had become a member of House Calenture to further antagonize me.

"About that time, the great warrior, Kvasir of Protectors of Radiance, started visiting House Calenture. Kvasir also seeked my affection, which made Ataraxis hate me even worse. Kvasir would battle with Ataraxis, and did something and I'm not sure what, possibly a ritual. But he and Ataraxis have not returned. Kvasir and Ataraxis disappeared together... Kvasir pledged to me that he would rid me of Ataraxis. Yet Kvasir never said goodbye.

"I remained female for three and a half years. No one knew how to turn me back. A new advisor came to Calenture: Maelus. He had the knowledge of avatar transformation. He called for a ceremony. The ceremony was done and Ravageone was to be my avatar medium. Well, Maelus forgot some of the ceremony words and I was made male again, but he turned Ravageone into a female." Let's just say, that I was the hot girl, not ravageone. I have been able to retain my original male avatar for years now, but I always live in fear that one day Ataraxis will return.