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A collection of histories and information about the game, in-game events and histories. Many of which are lost to the chaos. Players need a place to go for histories / biographies / guides. For that reason the wiki site was setup. If you have information that would help others along, or just think that something relevant to Underlight needs to be posted, please create a new page and share it.

The Chaos Library functions a bit differently than the dream library that most of us are familiar with. There is something important you -must- remember. Since where you are reading this from is considered OOC, it needs to be treated as such within the dream. If you use this information as reference because your character was there to witness some of it, remember that your character will not have a perfect memory of long ago events and these texts are not codex in the Library like the old IC forums.

It is possible to role play your theories about what information may be outside the city in a non-direct way; However, many may not approve of this method and unless you are extremely crafted in the role play department. The problem arises as soon as you mention outside words like "Wiki" or for example this website's URL. Once you have done that, you just broke The Third Rule. This is very much frowned upon, so please take this into consideration.

Sometimes it is just best not to mention anything from the chaos library, because you walk a fine line when you get into indirect references or descriptions. If you play a teacher and part of a task you created for the student is to transcribe history to a codex, then just tell them to use the library in the dream, that's what it is there for.

If you are not familiar with the mediawiki syntax, do not worry, someone who does will come along and beef up your page and maybe even make corrections. Wiki page creation and help can be found at's_Guide

And as always, please respect the rules of Underlight and the Wiki.