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These are players that have mastered the arts and are able to grant you new powers. Some Teachers serve individual Houses, others are neutral Freespirits. You must perform a task for a teacher to grant you new powers. You do not have to accept a task, but, if you do, you have made a commitment to complete it. Should you find you are unable to, seek the teacher again for help. There are many Teachers in the dream. Find one that best fits your learning style.


Eight great Houses vie for power in the Dream City. Each has its own ideology. Evaluate the Houses carefully, and choose a House that fits with your character's own beliefs. You may join more than one House, but for every House you join, you must work harder to advance in power.


These are experienced players, Knighted by the Houses. Each Guardian serves a specific House. They exist to help you advance in power. Only Guardians are able to Initiate you into the House, and send you on missions for the House. If you show great dedication to the House, you may be Knighted as Guardian.


Rulers are those individuals that have achieved the highest rank in a house. Their crests are abyss-colored, with the house symbol in night.


Once you are Initiated into a House, you can accept Missions. Mission boards are located in the House, ask your Guardian for directions. When you complete a mission, return to the Mission Board and file a report. A Guardian will reply to your report, and possibly assign you a new mission directly. When you read their reply, you may receive experience points. You don't have to complete a mission to file a report-use the missions as another way to communicate with the Guardians.