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DreamStrike Mark

Ruler of Protectors of the Radiance

Last Known Character Description from Original UL Database: You see Long graying hair down the middle of his back, stong arms, and eyes of wisdom and understanding. A flame shaped scar is on his right forearm is obvious. He sports a nicely trimmed goatee and has a scent around him at all times that is pleasing to you. He also wears a beautiful green emerald on a gold chain around his neck.

Memories from Arlyana Jax

During my first dreams within the Radiance, I got to know the dreamer known as badger. He had one of the most colourful senses of humour that I had ever known. I cannot recall a time when he was serious. He was most known for his hot tub parties in the pool in the Center Hall of the house. He remained a close friend till the end of my dreams.