Caliastra and Ago

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Caliastra and Ago

as told by MOLL

When the nightmares entered the city, several of the Covenant set out to study them, to find out their nature and eradicate them from the dream. One of these dreamers was Caliastra, daughter of Terrekar, long time Ruler by the Blade. Caliastra set out to study the mares, and through close observation could soon collapse them. She would collapse the mares whenever she saw them. She was very strong and usually did not get collapsed. One dream however, she found herself in a horrible position with two strong mares attacking her over and over. Suddenly, a dreamer named Ago walked into the room and with a word from him, both mares ran away.

Before Caliastra could thank Ago, he disappeared. The next time Caliastra saw Ago she expressed her gratitude by presenting him with The Guardian, a pure abyss shield crafted for her by her father. He laughed and told her that she needed it more than he. They both laughed and started a wonderful friendship that soon turned into love. Ago and Caliastra wanted to be wed. Caliastra approached her father and sought his blessing. Furious that this lowly man would seek his daughter, he refused. Knowing her father could not resist a duel, Caliastro had Ago challenge her father with the outcome to determine their happiness.

Terrekar quickly accepted and the date was set. Nearly the entire dream showed up for the match. Suddenly, as the combatants began to duel, several nightmares showed up and began wreaking havoc on the large crowd. Ago did not hesitate but began shouting in a strange tongue to the mares. The nightmares abruptly left at the word of Ago. The crowd was shocked into stillness and all held their tongues as Terrekar approached young Ago. Ago explained that the mares had a language all their own and that he had learned some of it by studying them and could even get some to do his bidding.

He went further to explain that by taking the essence of the mares and draining it of its chaotic energy, you could actually strengthen your avatar. Terrekar was so impressed by all this that he agreed to give Caliastro's hand in marriage to the young dreamerand added draining to the beliefs of the Union of the Covenant. The nightmares that Ago had learned to control became known as AgoKnights. The young couple was happily married but unfortunately a pregnant Caliastro was dreamstruck the following year and Ago was said to go quite mad from grief.