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A hundred years ago came the extinction of the Elven race in my land. Their existence has almost been entirely erased in my lands, save for the agrandized myths and legends that few people retell and suspend the beliefs of all. Dear reader, you probably don't believe that the Elves existed on cloudsbreak, but I assure you they did. I cannot prove to you that they did, I only ask you to have faith in this assertion.

I know a few things about the Elves... Some are likely tainted by the myths and legends of my childhood, but other secrets are kept in my heart. The race of Elves have between them a strong empathic connection, and collective memories are passed from generation to generation. When I watch my mother punching dough and animate these ancient tales, I feel a rush of consciousness as I envision memories of others long ago. Some of these memories bring tears to my eyes, and others warm my heart; but in retrieving them I feel a complete peace with myself and the world around me. It is these stories that put my life into context, and show me how much there is to see and learn around me, to create my own memories, to share with others. Are these memories real, or do I imagine them? I believe they are real, though others without open minds might say I am mad.

At my maturity I fled my home to avoid impending matrimony and thwart an ugly tradition of my peoples. Many years ago, after the Elven race vanished, a law was passed to prevent a similar fate with the human race. All maidens were to be married, by law; should a voluntary choice not be made by the age of sixteen, the town council would decree her mate. I donned a cape, and slipped away into the dark evening before my sixteenth birthday, abandoning my family and my home to prevent a certain and loveless marriage. I made my home in the thick forests, wearing myfather's clothes and cloaking all suggestion of my womanhood to avoid discovery. My hands, once soft and gentle, are now strong and roughened by my labours; a symbol of who I am.

It was during this time of reclusion that I rested my eyes one evening, meditating on the memories of my ancestors, and The Dream softly penetrated my consciousness and swept me into itself. I have wandered through the dream, as I have wandered through my land in cloudsbreak, an observer to many great things. It was destiny that within the dream I met my soul mate, Haleth Dagore. Whether our love in the dream can satisfy the laws of Cloudsbreak remains to be seen. Until then, I remain sitting here in this cove, writing my story on a old parchment posed upon a tree stump, listening to the wind whistle through the leaves.

This is the collection of observations and memories I have rescued from the Dream. May this serve to prove to those skeptics on Cloudsbreak that the Dream does exist. I hold these memories close to my heart, and I pray those who read these words will do the same.

No one will be forgotten.

~ Calysto ~