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Choosing A Focus

In Underlight exist dreamers of four foci. Each focus plays a valuable key role. A focus is just limited to the arts you can learn, not limiting your mind to your abilities. When you begin, you must choose one focus from the four elements. Once chosen, you cannot change.


Known as GateKeepers, disciples can manipulate the fabric of dreams, altering the walls of thought to protect themselves and others from harmful evocations, even prevent or allow access to areas of the Dream City. GateKeepers are the warriors of the Dream City.


Known as DreamSeers, disciples see the true nature of the dreamstate, are able to slip invisibly into its embrace, and have an intuitive understanding of Talismans. DreamSeers are the scholars of the Dream City.


Known as SoulMasters, disciples can transmute essence, the substance all inhabitants of Underlight form to shield their souls, and use this power to help or harm others. SoulMasters are the protectors of the Dream City.


Known as FateSenders, disciples learn to directly change the experiences of others, and are able to alter the movement, sight, and essence of others. FateSenders are the tricksters of the Dream City.


DreamSoul cannot be a focus. DreamSoul is the basic building block of the dream and everything in it. It forms the City itself, the items within, and is used as your avatar to protect and shield your raw Soulsphere.


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