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Art Statistics

Focus: Insight (Major)
Cost: 20
Orbit Required: 20
Affected: Self


3 minutes.


The user becomes invisible. The user is still solid, however. They may still be damaged, and may still provide an obstacle for movement. The effect is dispelled if the user evokes an art or swings a Blade.

Plateau Effect

Duration increased by 3 minutes.

Decreased casting time.

Art Research

Chamele allows the DreamSeer to manipulate the fabric and refraction of the element of 'air' and create a field of distortion that they can remain inside of for a temporary period. Although the DreamSeer is able to carry out everyday tasks, all focus must be kept on their avatar, if for some reason focus is removed, through casting an offensive art for example, the integrity of the field is compromised and the DreamSeer becomes visible once again.

Art History

The Art of Chamele was created by the DreamWright Jervais, who was mostly an anti-socialite. However, due to his sphere, and status in the Dream, he constantly searched for ways to avoid his compatriots. One day, he found that shadows would almost completely hide a Dreamer, if he did not move too much. Also, he discovered that any sudden movement, such as that created by an attack, or aggressive motion would cancel the concealment. Thus, he began probing the properties of shadows, and after some botched research (his left arm was never visible again), he finished the Art of Chamele. The Art is known to twist the shadows about oneself, and to partially "wrap" light around the Dreamer, so that any observer will think the space empty. Giggling, he taught it to his students, who were mystified that their teacher could not be seen and was never seen again. We're all very sure he's still out there, somewhere.


The target can be seen by those that are buffed by Vision.

The effect of chamele can be replicated through the use of a teal alteror.

The evoke cone for this art is jade with a gold riser.