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Delosian was a simple stable hand in a well to do section of town. As a young boy he was taught proper speaking and writing skills to cater to the patrons of the inn he worked for. Delosian, while hard working, had a penchant for taking naps in the hayloft, usually preempted by deep thought. One day his thoughts carried him into the City of Dreams...

He entered the City to find himself amidst the chaos of encroaching battle. Lost and confused he raced to find the battle, yet arrived only in the end. Though he fell almost immediately, he began to watch.

Of the factions the Emancipators of Men and the Sect of the Prudent, they began to attempt to sway him. Though Delosian was a good man at heart, he chose to follow the Sect of the Prudent and the proclaimed course of the Righteous Path.

After a short time, the Sect of the Prudent began to reveal themselves as what they were. A harsh and cruel people not above sabotage and murder. Delosian discovered this by hearing an explosion. He ran to the Trinity Plains to find out what was happening. To his surprise, he was met by the entirety of the Emancipators of men. They spoke of the Betrayal of the Sect of the Prudent with their sabotage. Delosian realizing the grievous error, realized he had not listened with his heart. The ring of truth was spoken. Thanks to Kira Windveil vouching for him, he was admitted into the Emancipators of Men. This was when he first laid eyes on Zar'tenya.

Upon joining, he quickly came to identify with Kira Windveil, Midrain, and Krodoc. Though he always found his attentions wandering to Zar'tenya. He began to prove himself loyal to the cause in short order. His reputation with the Emancipators was so great that even though he was not a founding member, he was nominated and denied for the position of Guardian. He began training constantly for battle. He learned from the Master Teacher of Resilience Lynus Xebselurr. As he did these things, he realized that his heart beat only for Zar'tenya. And so, he would pursue this love. Always he asked her only for a place close to her heart. Finally she opened herself to him in the Upper Basin of stars. While they would not allow themselves to be close, it was in that moment that each opened their heart to the other. Then moments later Zar'tenya was ambushed during a peace treaty with the Sect of the Prudent, by the faction's members, Bortami, and Igteus among them. So adamant was Zar'tenya that the treaty be peaceful, she gave her twin blades, the Marks of Zalathros, to Delosian.

Emotionally rent from the experience, Delosian heard her whisper on the wind. Bewildered and emotionally exhausted, Delosian was carried up to the Upper Basin by his fellow Emancipators. There, he was given peace by her, with a message from the stars as a light shown on him and all those gathered with him.

Time went by as wars were fought. He rose to the rank of Guardian and Trinity Knight and was of those first sphered within the City of Dreams. It was through his understanding of the Elements, and the Squad of Soulmasters and Trinity Knights that he pushed back the manifestation of Bashir numerous times. Delosian had become a hero of sorts. Though he was found often as not, chewing on a piece of straw.

In a final note, the Emancipators rallied when hearing a voice on the wind once more. They followed it to the former hold of the Coven of the Echt atop Mt. Illapse. There, they heard laughter. Taking the personal items of Zar'tenya and a power token, he worked with the Soul Masters of the Emancipators to return Zar'tenya to the City of Dreams. The attempt was successful. But, Zar'tenya appeared with a veil, that warped her perception. Yet, Delosian's love was unconditional. As Zar'tenya asked for her blades from her beloved, Delosian returned them. No sooner had he returned them, then she revealed something unseen to the City of Dreams since the Great Awakening. The art of Dreamstrike was used to kill him. Forever would he be removed from the City of Dreams. Ever after would Zar'tenya wear his soul essence as an amulet around her neck. In her mind, he always had "a place close to her heart".