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Dimitri Raith is a post-SoT character in Underlight. He is currently guardian of the Emergence Academy.

Shardic Life


Note: This is not widely known information, other characters would not know any of this, even if residing upon the same shard

Early Life

Born Dimitri Mathias Raith, son of the Godking, Mathias Ursuul Raith and Countess Cassandra Lilith Mors (deceased). As the Godking's issue, Dimitri was removed from his mother's care at the beginning of his second year and relegated to the care of the Academy of Meisters in the province of Decena.

He would spend the next eleven years studying at the Academy; diplomacy, strategy, martial arts, philosophy, science. All subjects invaluable to the future ruler of the province. He quickly proved adept in diplomacy and subterfuge. The meisters assigned to him found his charm both disarming and disturbing. It was widely known that, of the other boys at the Academy, Dimitri was a natural, charismatic leader and had the capacity to acquire most anything he wished with very little effort. It was said, if only in hushed whispers, that Dimitri displayed a cold, calculated carelessness for the safety of those who followed him when pursuing his goals.

On his thirteenth birthday, he was allowed to spend 6 weeks at his mother's manor house, bonding with her for the first time. It is during this time that Dimitri displayed what could be described as happiness. His disarming, warm smile replaced with a boyish grin for the first time in his life. However, this was to be short lived.

At the end of this visit the Godking arrived at Dimitri's mother's manor. Dimitri was called into the reception hall and introduced to his father for the first time in his life. The Godking asked young Dimitri what he had learned during the time with his mother. Dimitri's answer was a simple one: Love. It was then that the Godking presented Dimitri with his first pair of knives and lead him into an adjacent room. In that room his mother was bond, lying prone upon a table. The Godking's instruction was simple: Kill or be killed.

Teenage Years

Upon returning to the Academy, Dimitri was placed under the tutelage of the Grand Meisters. It was revealed to him that the Godking had two other sons at the Academy; Malachi and Damian. Damian had not passed, what Dimitri would later learn is called, the Test of the Mother. The Godking was true to his word and Damian's body was returned the the Academy, along with the bodies of both Dimitri's and Malachi's mothers.

It was at the funereal pyre that Dimitri and Malachi were introduced for the first time. The differences were readily apparent. Where Dimitri was growing into a strapping young man possessed of an ethereal beauty, Malachi was a bloated glutton motivated only by the desire to satisfy his basest desires. In Dimitri, Malachi saw everything he wished to be. In Malachi, Dimitri saw the twisted mirror image of his true self. The hatred between them was both instant and intense.

Unknown to either of them, The Test of the Brother had begun.

For the next two years, the two plotted, raising their own private armies among the boys at the Academy. Each one made small strikes against the other occasionally, careful not to upset the meisters and bring down their wrath upon them. The details are unknown, but on the eve of Dimitri's sixteenth birthday, Malachi's body was found in the town that surrounded the Academy. Some say that Dimitri bribed Malachi's best friend to do the deed. Others say that it was simply the work of brigands who simply picked the wrong target. Still, in whispers, some who claim to have witnessed the event say that Dimitri did it himself, smiling the whole time.

The next day, the Godking arrived at the Academy. Rather than mourn his son, he ordered Dimitri to the Grand Hall. On that day, Dimitri was announced as the Godking's true heir; Prince Dimitri Mathias Raith, Lord of the Province of Decena, Heir to the Kingdom of Dareinia, One True Son of the Great Godking Mathias Ursuul Raith.

Court Life

From that point onward, Dimitri's life was split between his time at his father's court, acting in an official capacity as a diplomat and host and ruling his own small province while still attending the Academy as both a student and meister.

Dimitri's life at court was a constant maze of delicate political situations, each one expertly designed to end in either his disgrace or demise. It was nearly a year before it became clear that it was his father pulling very delicately at the strings of his fate. However, Dimitri proved quite gifted at solving these puzzles and it was not long after that he found himself randomly under attack by brigands and cutthroats when he would venture beyond the walls of his manor or father's castle.

This necessitated the need for a personal guard. Dimitri chose, from his class at the academy, the daughter of a lessor noble who proved to be a veritable virtuoso in the dual-knife martial art Ka-Kairi practiced, to some degree, by all people of his shard. Never far from his side, whether at court or at his own pursuits, the woman Natassia was never far from his side. Those who scoffed at his choice of a woman for a personal guard were very quickly reminded that both were more than formidable fighters.

It is said that Natassia protected and served Dimitri as if possessed of an undying love. It was whispered that the two shared a bed. It was much more than that, however. The two had plan to marry, yet this was not to be. The Godking pressured Natassia's father to marry her off to a lessor Raith cousin. Since then, Dimitri has been in her presence twice, both ending nearly ending in tragedy.

Current Life

Dimitri continues into his 24th year, much the same year after year. Natassia has been replaced by a woman by the name of Anya, a fierce firebrand of a warrior woman who accompanies him to social functions and acts as both concubine and captain of his personal guard.


Mathias Ursuul Raith - Father, Godking of Dareinia

Countess Cassandra Lilith Mors - Mother (Deceased)

Malachi Mathias Raith - Brother (Deceased)

Damian Mathias Raith - Brother (Deceased)

The Raith Sisters - Dimitri is not aware of how many sisters he actually has. He knows that one is a Grand Meister at the Academy in another province, the other is currently Lord General of his father's army. Dimitri is not allowed to have any interaction with any of his sisters.

Natassia Serena - Lost love. Married to a lessor Raith cousin in a far off province.

Anya - Captain of Dimitri's personal guard. She and the four other women who comprise Dimitri's guard detail all serve him with an undying loyalty that borders on love.

The Dream


When Dimitri entered the dream, he was initially shocked to find others sharing his subconscious. Partly convinced he was going mad, he wandered the halls in a daze falling back upon his courtly manners when confronted with others. However, it was through his budding friendships with Jaden and Shae that Dimitri found his bearings within the city.

The Academy

Dimitri eventually found himself drawn to the Emergence Academy. Seeing as how most of his waking life had been spent, in some capacity, learning and mentoring continuing that trend into his dreams was a logical choice. He often jokes, however, that if the meisters knew that his dreams now consisted of many of his duties from the waking, they would find no end of entertainment in it.

Shortly after joining, Dimitri saw that the house needed changing. Along with Shae and Anyasha he set in motion the events that would lead to Shae's ascension to ruler. He now serves as guardian to the Academy and adviser to Shae.

The Infection

When the Infection spread throughout the city, Dimitri was among the first affected, though one of the last to succumb to the change. During this time he became an outspoken voice for the ethical treatment of his infected "family". Many noticed a marked change in his attitude and demeanor; his habit for addressing others with courtly respect vanishing seemingly overnight.

Some believe that the infection had somehow affected his mind. Those closest to him, however, know the true reason. He has spoken to them of the betrayal he felt and the utter disregard for his safety demonstrated by glory-seeking dreamers.


Friends and Family

Shae - Ruler of the Emergence Academy. Dimitri serves as her guardian and adviser. The two are often seen together, whispering and smiling. They share an easy friendship and Dimitri often remarks that Shae keeps his ambitions in check.

Syrra - Another survivor of the Infection, Dimitri has become fond of her and feels very protective of her. He treats her as his little sister and she has taken his surname as her own.

Bronwynn - One of the few "lovers" Dimitri has been seen with publicly. She currently has not been seen in the city for months.

Jordyn - A close friend. It is unknown how deep their relationship ran, though he seems to have been unusually affected by her striking.


There are certain dreamers who Dimitri dislikes and a few that dislike him. He has been described as a "sly-talking, womanizing _________" by at least one dreamer.


"This young man carries himself with a sense of regal entitlement. There is an unnerving grace to his movements; his icy blue eyes seemingly watching the entire room without moving.

He wears a pair of black leather pants and knee-high boots to match. His well-muscled chest and arms are naked, aside from a set of black, leather bracers bound tightly around his wrists. His long white hair is tied in an intricate braid. At his shoulders is a long black cape that trails behind him as he walks."

Dimitri's garb reflects his station. His people do not wear many clothes as a sign of trust and openness. It is felt that any who cover their heart and throat are not to be trusted. As a diplomat, it is expected that Dimitri will always be open and honest in his dealings.