Drain Self

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Art Statistics

Focus: Resilience (Major)
Cost: 5
Orbit Required: 20
Affected: Target
Duration: Instant


Transfers 1 point of a chosen element from the user to the target.

Plateau Effect

1 additional point transferred.

Art Research

Art History

It was a time, long ago, when items were scarce. A time when, although you could find items, you were not always able to secure them into your backpack. As there were fewer weapons to find it became necessary to evoke arts, especially in order to collapse DM's and protect the city from Chaos. Practicing arts took longer, requiring patience and frequent meditation. Theofanes, an elder SoulMaster and inventor, was working on a way to solve the dilemma.

Through the use of his newly acquired art, forge talisman, he attempted to combine different arts, but without success. After many, many months of discouraging attempts, he discovered, quite by accident, that by combining the art of restore and recall, he was able to generate elemental forces to another dreamer, at a small cost of his elemental forces, which also aspired him to name this new art "Drain Self." Theofanes practiced this with his wife until she was no longer able to progress further in her arts. He then taught her this art and she, in turn, helped Theofanes advance until he reached optimum in all his arts.

They both set out to teach as many dreamers as possible so that they too could help others to grow stronger in order to defend against the Darkmares and protect the city. Theofanes loved his wife more than life itself. He was proud of her and her efforts to train others to help the city. They loved to spend time together, go for walks in the evening, and watch the sun go down. One evening while he and his wife were out for their evening walk they were suddenly, and without warning, ambushed by the Darkmare, Molog.

Theofanes was mortally wounded and paralyzed from the attack, unable to move, unable to defend himself and his beautiful wife. He watched in horror as his lovely wife was brutally torn to pieces by Molog. Molog roared with laughter as he disappeared into the night. But alas, when Theofanes regained movement, it was too late. He stared at his wife, now glowing in the evening darkness, a beautiful Soulsphere. She spoke to him of a feeling of dismay, a foreboding sensation that she was about to be lifted from the dream forever. In a desperate attempt to bring her back he evoked restore on her, but to his dismay the art failed over and over again. She was slipping away.

He could see her fading, the light dispersing into the moonlight. Suddenly, without thinking, just reacting, he evoked the art of Drain Self, not realizing what he was doing, not caring if it would take his own life But, to his wonder and amazement, she materialized before him, appearing unharmed. She had been so traumatized she did not remember what had happened to her. He held her in his arms, not wanting to ever let go as she looked into his eyes, telling him she loved him, talking to him of this beautiful night among the stars. He never had the heart to tell her what had happened, and never did.

Written by Terra

Researched by Palani


Many Dreamers look down upon this Art as it can be used to 'force' Restore a Dreamer by transferring DreamSoul without allowing a choice. This art was changed to prevent force Restore upon a dreamer by transferring Dreamsoul.