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This article covers information which is currently unfolding in Underlight. As such, it is subject to dramatic change as the event progresses.


The Eyes are a group of being that appear to dreamers, seemingly randomly. Their appearance is similar to that of the eye in the Sanctuary on Evernight Plateau. The most ever seen together at one time is eight.


Though the Eyes typically pose no threat to dreamers, they have demonstrated great power and an ability to manipulate the dreamstate. Any attack on an Eye is likely to result in swift retribution.

Although usually aloof, the eyes have also shown an ability to communicate by transmitting their thoughts to all dreamers in a room, a process like telepathy. It has been learnt that they call themselves the Linked and that their purpose is simply to observe. They have shown a great interest in dreamers, referring to them as Entities.


As well as the Linked, there have been appearances of unLinked. These beings look similar, but are cloaked in shadow, and their arrival is heralded by the falling of a shadow from the sky, which plants itself upon the ground. The unLinked then emerges from the shadow. They possess a similar ability to manipulate the dreamstate but as yet their intentions are unknown. While they have shown no ability to communicate, they are capable of multiplying and appear to be feared by the Linked.