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The Focus art of the GateKeeper focus.

This art determines the level of chakrams, blades,and charms that the Gatekeeper can use.

This art also determines the Gatekeepers damage bonus with direct damage talisman and arts (such as FlameShaft).

Also see Focus Arts

Art History

What does it mean to be a Gatekeeper? For those that don't already know, we are the defenders and protectors of the dream. We are masters of the portals and derive our powers from them. With the arts that we have been granted, we can provide long lasting protection to our allies against other harmful arts. When fully protected by a GK, the arts of Scare, Paralyze and Stagger become mere light shows. A skilled Gatekeeper also has the ability to place wards to stop on an oncoming enemy, or shatter those wards so that others may pass. Despite having almost nothing but defensive arts, many Gatekeepers are among the best fighters of the city. Since we lack those offensive arts, we are forced to rely on our basic fighting skill. With a blade, flame and chak in hand, a skilled GK is a worthy adversary in battle and immune to most offensive arts. Those GKs that do not wish to work on their fighting skills will always continue their defender role so that others may continue the fight. From times long ago, those that wished to follow the way of the Gatekeeper proven an honorable sect. During the Nightmare Wars, when mares were brought into the dream and brought chaos and destruction in the city there was a need for a protector. Renrut Nek, the first Gatekeeper, seeing all the chaos gathered all of the dreamers that were left and hid them away in the caves of Threshold beyond his study. His honor and dedication toward protecting the dreamers is something that should live with all GKs of the city. While pondering and writing this scroll, it was brought to my attention that another Gatekeeper has shown the same honor and dedication that Renru Nek did long ago. On the night of August 4th during the Dark Mare attacks in Illapse Keep, this particular GK shined above all and showed what it TRULY means to be a Gatekeeper.

This particular dreamer was Magenta, an honorable guardian of the house DoL. While on ward duty during the attacks, she sacrificed her own dreamsoul, not once, but twice by evoking Soul Evoke for the sole purpose of the keeping the ward up. Magenta should be praised for her dedication as a Gatekeeper of the city of dreams. In honor of this dedication, myself and Lasaimis have vowed to let it be known throughout the city that the portal she guarded shall no longer be just a mere portal into Illapse Keep, but shall now be named Magenta's Gate. This act brings a special tear to my eye since Magenta is my only apprentice. Seeing this can only me overwhelmed to see that I mentored such a great dreamer. In conclusion, I would like to state for those GKs out there that are not satisfied with being a GK should look deep within yourselves and see what a truly great focus we are. To be a defender of the city is a great task that comes with hardships, but in the end, the feeling of knowing that you have done your job makes everything all worthwhile. Thank you and may the light shine within you all.

Written by: Lord Omnipotus