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Art Statistics

Focus: none Dreamsoul
Cost: 2
Orbit Required: 20
Affected: N/A
Duration: Instant


Creates a codex with an inscribed message. The user can make an infinite charge codex, or a codex with a number of charges equal to the level of the art.

Plateau Effect

Increases the number of charges available to the user when making a codex with a number of charges equal to the arts level.

Art Research


Art History

A long time ago, while Underlight was still young, The rulers needed to send messages for various reasons. But there was no way to certify that the message sent was from the sender. This was used by others to gain power by tricking their enemy or his followers. The treachery caused many friendships to die, and battles to break out. Until one day a wise man, who had little power of his own, and therefore few sought to cause him harm, came forth to Underlight. He could not speak, but instead "talked" through codii. He was appalled to see the war around him and set forth to change it. Being a quite man, he was often overlooked, but his gave him time to seek the real problem. He began to place codii speaking of peace and wisdom. Many found these and returned them to their rulers asking what they were. The rulers sought out the man, and when they found him, he would not speak until all the rulers were gathered together. 2 days and a night they spent listening to him, he told them what was happening and of his travels and insight. During this time differences were forgotten and the wars ceased. He then taught them inscribe to insure it would not happen again. Inscribe allowed them to send proof of the sender with the message.

Alternate history

It is without doubt, that one of the most important Arts in the Dream is that of Inscribe. While the true name of the Dreamwright who created it has been lost to antiquity (she forgot to inscribe it) her work lives on. Inscribe was first created as a service to the Dream Council, for the ambassadors required a more permanent way to prove documents. From there, the scholars got their hands on it, then the teachers, and so forth.

Now, it is rare to find a Sphere Two Dreamer without it. As for the original experiment that led to the creation of the Art, it is a tale of a Dreamwright, gone more than a little nutty. For convenience, we'll call her Ryssa. She was a recluse among Dreamwrights, only showing up on occasion to the Council meetings, and spending hours upon hours tucked away in the Library of Souls. Tired of having to show up to Council meetings to express her opinions, she frantically tried to create an Art that would allow her to express her thoughts clearly, without having a messenger muddle them. It is rumored that she was orignally trying it reads: create a sort of Dream automaton, one which would recite the message perfectly. However, the construct could not figure out how to use portals. Crushed, Ryssa decided to stick to simplicity (the only recorded time she actually did) and created the Codex as we it reads: know it. While the first codex is long gone, it supposedly contained this message, between the HC and OSM ambassadors... "Don't you think the Speaker has a huge nose?"


The evoke cone for this art is pink with a gold riser.