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Art Statistics

Focus: none Dreamsoul
Cost: 0
Orbit Required: 0
Affected: Target


Until party is disbanded.


The Dreamers form a party. While in a party, dreamers can hear every thing said by other party members that are on the same plane, but not necessarily in the same room. XP from floating is also shared between the members. Party members are also protected from some area-of-effect arts if the user is in the party.

A member leaves the party if they travel to another plane, or exit the city, but automatically rejoin if they enter the same room as the leader, as long as the party hasn't been disbanded. The party is disbanded if all members leave, either through the method described, or by choice. A member who leaves by choice will not automatically rejoin.

Plateau Effect

Decreased evoke time.

Art Research

Art History

Join Party was created during the Nightmare Wars, after Syriand the Graceful and Lagumbar Staggern created the Portals. A group of the Seekers of Knowledge dedicated to researching the portals, discovered many new arts. Join Party was one of these. The person credited with developing Join Party was Elian, the Chief Researcher.


Guardians and teachers who are joined are awarded 1 xp per second from each dreamer joined. If you are separated from the party leader (through awakening or traversing through a different plane), the join is dropped.