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Art Statistics

Focus: Willpower (Major)
Cost: 20
Orbit Required: 50
Affected: Self


10 minutes.


Sets a return point with the first evoke. The second evoke returns the user to that point from anywhere else.

Plateau Effect

Duration increased by 10 minutes.

Decreased evoke time.

Art Research

Art History

The art of Return was unheard of before Nightmare Wars, but when Nightmares entered city the Great Combat began. Powerful commanders needed to go through long distances to come from one front to another. It took too long time to concentrate main forces in the one battle zone, or all Great Warriors to go in House to protect it from emergency alert. In that difficult time was discovered art of Return.

We probably will never know name of the Great dreamer which created it. History remembers only name of the Great GateKeeper which added this powerful art to the Major GateKeepers Arts it was Askold apprentice of Retvizan. He also researched this art and upgrade it and now this art allows to teleport in each (marked before) place, not only into house, as it was at first. Now history will never forget name of this Great Dreamer, created such a powerful art. His name will stay with us forever, as his creation - Major GateKeeper's Art - Art of Return.