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KoiWare is committed to helping players enjoy a superior role-playing environment. If you have role-playing questions, concerns, suggestions or requests, we encourage you to write to with your comments. We also strongly suggest that large-scale role-play plans be submitted to the above address before set to action, so that Game Master staff can help support your role-play when possible.

Players can praise each other’s role-plays by accessing the chat window in-game ("T") and submitting a role-playing report. This report should include the pertinent character’s name, time, the role-play, and what you found exceptional about their performance. All reports are evaluated on a daily basis and characters are rewarded accordingly.

Game Masters are available in-game for role-playing support. Additionally, anonymous Game Masters scout the game for examples of excellent role-playing and will secretly award characters experience when this is discovered.

When another customer is hindering the in-game role-playing environment with prolific use of out-of-character speech, actions, harassment, or random player-killing, players are encourage to submit a cheat report to KoiWare staff by opening the chat window in-game ("T") and detailing the offending behaviour, as well as submitting an email with relevant logs and information to Game Masters will warn and penalize players who frequently disrupt the role-playing environment.

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