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  • ANYTHING relevant to Underlight is ok to post on this site.
  • Both Out of Character and In character posts are okay, but all the information in the wiki is considered OOC once posted.
    • When posting general information, please keep it objective and avoid the first person perspective or other personal anecdotes e.g. "The right belief", "The wrong belief", "We believe", etc.
    • If posting something from an IC (first person) perspective, please ensure to note the character speaking or thinking at the end of the text e.g.
      "We believe..."

  • You can post images, however please give credit to where ever you got it from.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO pornography (If you do, welcome to my "-j drop" list on iptables)
  • No abusive language
  • No abusive post editing. (People who intentionally try to destroy wiki pages) (If you do, welcome to my "-j drop" list on iptables)
  • If you have a complaint about the validity of someone's article, please discuss it in the "discussion" tab for that given article. If a solution cannot be made, the article will be locked. Furthermore, the article maybe subject to change by the Sysops, based on what would best fit for Underlight.

  • DO NOT steal other's work. If you use something from another site, PLEASE PROVIDE THE URL AS A REFERENCE. GIVE THEM CREDIT, AFTER ALL IT'S NOT YOUR MATERIAL.
  • Go easy on posting other's content. If the author comes back arguing against using it, then I'll have to remove it. Just imagine how much content that would need to be re-written. Try and keep that in mind before ya post it.