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General Information
Character Name: Gender: Focus:
Beachon R'ewen Male Gatekeeper
Age: Height: Build:
63 5'8" Thin and Frail
Hair: Skin: Eyes:
Abyss Chalk Earth


Carries a crooked walking staff with the seal of R'ewen engraved on its handle. At his side is a family sword, three gems set into its hilt: two emeralds symbolize their lands, one topaz symbolizes strength.


Beachon R'ewen stands withered before you. A dark cloak hangs about his shoulders and fails to hide his crippled form. He shakes slightly as he moves, and his low voice trembles as he speaks. A large scar archs over his right cheekbone.


  1. Beachon R'ewen reaches under his cloak and fingers the hilt of his family sword, his eyes shining with pride.
  2. Beachon R'ewen cuts the air with his staff as if trying to clear a place for himself.
  3. Beachon R'ewen growls low and turns away, raising his hand to his right cheek to cover his scar. He spits out the word "Gothalist" like venom.
  4. Beachon R'ewen taps his staff on the floor impatiently.
  5. Beachon R'ewen lunges forward suddenly with his hand on the hilt of his family sword.
Father: Mother: Siblings:
Rowend "The Brave" Julial None.

Family Notes: Beachon is the last of his clan, and carries with him the legacy of the R'ewen family. His father, Rowend "The Brave" fought valiantly in the war against Ghothalee, an enemy clan. After his father's death, the Ghothalists succeeded in conquering over half of his inherited lands, leaving Beachon an embittered old man searching for a fight.

(*) This is a sample form. Its purpose is to offer you some ideas on how to complete your own Character Information Form.