Teacher Pyramids

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Start with one Teacher. Give that Teacher three assistants. Give those assistants three assistants and on and on...

Teachers may well find themselves surrounded by students demanding their attention. They may become tired and over-worked, spending hours each week teaching their students. Alternatively, they could delegate their duties to assistants, a move that is mutually beneficial for both Teacher and assistant. The Teacher's assistants will find the practice valuable, and assisting a Teacher is a worthy task of its own. An assistant can organize students and their requests, and keep order in the classroom by instructing new students on classroom behavior. In return, assistants fulfill their task for a pre-determined art or plateau, while learning a great deal in the process.

Delegation is not difficult. Some assistants will fall into the role naturally. An assistant who helps with the actual teaching and task-giving to others is considered an apprentice Teacher. Apprentice Teachers are capable of assuming a great number of the Teacher's regular duties.