The Elements of Dreamers

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There are five known elements in the Dreamstate. These elements make up the fundamental properties of all things. In a dreamer, each of the elements are measured on a scale from zero to 99, with 99 being the most powerful. Most actions in the Dreamstate cause fatigue, a temporary loss of elemental force. When first awakened, all dreamers begin with 20 points in their focus element, and 10 points in each other element.


Orbits are the measure of a dreamer's overall power. When a new Orbit is reached, the dreamer increases one point in their Focus element, and sometimes also one point in another element. These gains are usually permanent-- though it is possible to permanently lose points of elemental force.

Dreamers advance in Orbit by gaining Experience Points (XP). Dreamers gain XP in many ways:

  • completing missions for their House
  • defeating others in combat
  • battling with nightmares
  • as a role-playing reward (both anonymous and direct)
  • leading a party with others (as a Teacher or Guardian.)
  • various house activities (initiating new members, etc.)

Dreamers can lose XP as well; by being defeated in combat, for example.

Every tenth Orbit is known as a Sphere. This special Orbit requires that the dreamer seek out a teacher to progress. Training is a privilege, not a right; dreamers do not automatically 'deserve' to be trained simply because they have accumulated enough XP. The dreamer will be required to undertake a task or perform a series of missions in order to qualify for training. In all cases it is up to the teacher to decide when the dreamer deserves to be trained, if at all. Only teachers more powerful than the dreamer may advance a dreamer to a higher Sphere.

The highest known Sphere of Progress is the Ninth Sphere. Beyond the Ninth Orbit of the Ninth Sphere it is believed one becomes a Dreamwright; since the Great Loss, no dreamer truly knows.

Focus Element

Before one joins the Awakened in the Dream City, one element must be chosen as a focus. The focus element has a profound effect on the actions one can perform in Underlight. The focus element shapes the arts that can be mastered and the talismans that can be used.

Choose wisely, dreamer.

Chart of The Elements

Element Description Nickname Focus Power
Willpower Force of thought Gatekeeper Disciples can manipulate the fabric of dreams, altering the warp and wend of the walls of thought to protect themselves and others from harmful evocations, even prevent or allow access to areas of the Dream City
Insight Understanding of Dreams Dreamseer Disciples see the true nature of Dreamspace, are able to slip invisibly into its embrace, and have an intuitive understanding of Talismans
Resilience Mastery of Essence Soulmaster Disciples can transmute essence, the substance all inhabitants of Underlight form to shield their souls, and use this power to help or harm others.
Lucidity Control of Destiny Fatesender Disciples learn to directly change the experiences of others, and are able to alter the movement, sight, and essence of others.
DreamSoul Shield of Soul Essence Cannot be focus. Protects the souls of all dreamers from harm.